Why Organic Food?

1 Mar, 2011  |  Written by  |  under Online Masters Degree Info

There are a few buzzwords today that are designed to impress in any conversation, and organic features on the list along with green, eco-friendly and fitness. Although there are people who feel that organic foods are overrated and too expensive, there’s no doubting the fact that they are good for your health. And if you’re asking how, read on to find out:

  1. You’re able to eliminate the poisonous effects of pesticides and other chemicals that are sprayed on fruits and vegetables, especially if you’re in the habit of eating them raw. No matter how much you wash, you’re still going to ingest many toxic chemicals when you increase your fruit and vegetable intake in the pursuit of good health. This increases your risk of cancer, respiratory diseases and other illnesses. So when it’s health you want, it’s best to choose organic produce.
  2. You avoid the side effects that come with eating meat and dairy from animals that are pumped with hormones and that are fed with antibiotics and fattening feed instead of being allowed to graze naturally. These hormones mess up your system and cause a variety of diseases, from obesity to infertility.
  3. The organic variety tastes much better than fruits and vegetables that are ripened artificially using chemicals.
  4. There are no artificial preservatives or additives in organic food. This makes it a healthy alternative to processed foods that are loaded with unhealthy additives.
  5. Organic food is beneficial to the environment too – the less chemicals and pesticides we use, the less we are poisoning the earth and its environment. Organic farming minimizes pollution to the air, water and soil. Also, waste production is minimized and the waste that is generated is disposed of in eco-friendly ways. Organic farming and food processing also consumes less energy than conventional methods. So on the whole, organic methods are beneficial for both human beings and the environment.

Although some people claim that organic foods have more nutritious value, the assumption is not entirely true. What is true however is that the health benefits you gain by switching to organic food are real and visible because you avoid dangerous chemicals that are bad for the human body.