Top 50 Fortune Teller Blogs

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In the olden days, fortune telling was relegated to a lone woman, probably in a head scarf, staring into a crystal ball and speaking in a heavy accent. Nowadays, the world of fortune telling has grown into psychics, card readers, astrologers, and much more. Those who are interested in learning more about this world now have a better alternative than wandering the streets looking for a fortune teller.

Below, we have gathered the top 50 fortune teller blogs. They range from those written by professional psychics to those with a passion for the stars. You can even find headlines from across the world, a few of which even may read “psychic wins lottery.”

Top Magic Fortune Teller Blogs

Whether you spell it with a “k” or as in the above, magic remains a large part of fortune telling and is written about more below.

    1. iTricks

    Get the latest in magic news by stopping here. A range of choices from entries as podcasts to a video channel are all offered. You can also get raves and Frequency Live.

    2. All Things Healing

    Visit here to get an online community for healing mind, body, spirit, and planet. Choices include everything from acupuncture to yoga. There are also items on psycho-spiritual and psycho-therapy.

    3. Magic Unlimited

    Follow the adventures of a pair of married magicians here. Tim and Sue Anne Webster offer interesting magic related items such as how to learn a trick a day. They also include reviews of other magic related items.

    4. Law and Magic

    This blogger is a legal professor who teaches media law, gender and the law, entertainment law, torts and privacy law, and comparative law. With a series of essays on the law and magic published, it is where the name of the blog came from. Thoughts on magic in the news if often discussed.

    5. Why am I Stuck in Magician Hell?

    Bizarro shares rants and raves from the state of the magic world itself on this blog. Random thoughts, stuff he likes, and stuff he doesn’t often find themselves topics of posts. With archives dating back to 2003, make time for this blog.

    6. Dave’s Modern Magic

    Want to know more about an item before you purchase? Then check out Dave Hill’s blog. His goal is to chronicle his journey through the magical world, mostly texts, and bring recommendations to his readers.

    7. Magic Words

    Anyone can say “abra-cadabra,” but how many know what it means? The Eccentric Scholar does and teaches on the blog. It is a resource for magicians and fortune tellers of all kinds to explore the most intriguing magic words and phrases from around the world.

Top Card Fortune Teller Blogs

These bloggers use cards as part of their fortune telling.

    8. Tarot Elements

    Choose from astrology, journeys, personal development, and more on this blog. They also have specific entries on Tarot cards and news. Recent posts were on forgiveness and reflection.

    9. The Tarot Lady

    Theresa has nearly 30 years’ worth of experience in reading Tarot cards. Also a published expert, she hosts a blog radio show of the same name. Stop by to get readings and tips, as well as other topics.

    10. New Post Cards from the Edge

    This blogger used to be fascinated with all kinds of things such as astrology, numerology, Reiki, and crystal healing. She then found a calling in Tarot and now shares metaphysical and astrological musings in her blog. One of the latest is on the Moon in Pisces.

    11. 78 Notes to Self

    Get a Tarot journal on this blog. You can even read the 78 notes the blogger wrote to themselves. Recent posts are on a karmic wrist slap.

    12. Tarot Dame

    Readings by Kiki are the focus here. Spreads, reviews, and even a free e-zine are also offered. She recently did a reading on her mom and shares more.

    13. Mary K. Greer’s Tarot Blog
    She has made Tarot her life work. Check here for reports of goings-on in the Tarot world, articles on the history and practice of tarot, and reviews. You can even get a glossary on the blog.

    14. Tarot Eon

    Visit here for a tutorial, tips, and techniques on Tarot. Quick tips such as how to interpret certain cards are often shared. You can also get expert advice on the blog.

    15. Learning the Tarot

    If ready to stop reading and start learning, click here. It is a simple, online guide for learning about Tarot cards. It is also where you can find an online course on the practice.

Top Psychic Fortune Teller Blogs

Also called psychics, these blogs have more on fortune telling and related items.

    16. A State of Mind

    Get an online guide to psychic development and a few related things here. Topics include psychic development, physics, the paranormal, and even Norse runes. They even offer tutorials for those who suspect they have psychic abilities.

    17. Joseph Tittel

    He is a spiritual medium and author of “Messages from the Other Side.” Many of the current entries are on predictions for the New Year. You can also check out a podcast from him.

    18. Health Mind Spirit News

    Jim Casa gives psychic readings from Melbourne, Australia. Topics are on everything from love and romance to career. His blog also contains thoughts on the industry and current events.

    19. Psychics

    This page contains information the Rick A. Ross Institute has gathered about psychics. Loads of entries are on psychic scams, crime solving, and psychic tweets. The main site has more on the topic.

    20. Bad Psychics

    Had a bad experience with a psychic or fortune teller? Then stop here to get a host of message posts and threads on the topic. Choose from topics such as unexplained mysteries, psychics and the law, and even a Big Bad Psychics list.

    21. Psychic Guild Blog

    Get all sorts of psychic options on this blog. Choices include astrology and horoscopes, Chinese horoscopes, and clairvoyance. They also gather news on psychic happenings.

    22. Scientific Psychic

    Learn how science and psychic science combine on this blog. It is intended to expand your mind, improve your body, and have some fun. Options include personality, paranormal, fitness, and even puzzles.

    23. Psychic Junkie

    This blog collects psychic related news from around the world and brings them to one place here. Choices include your psychic stories, recommendations, past lives, and much more. A recent entry was actually on a psychic winning the lottery.

    24. Medium Channel

    If you’re ready to stop reading and start being read, stop here. They offer psychic mediums, channels, and healers all on one site. Best of all you can check out the best reviewed psychics and even start free before choosing one.

Top Astrology Fortune Teller Blogs

See how the stars align in these fortune telling blogs.

    25. Real Astrologers

    Whether you’re looking for personal astrology services, the latest news about what’s happening in the sky, or a place to connect with kindred spirits, this blog offers it all. Choose to get a consultation or learn about astrology books and gifts. You can also check out the blog which has a weekly forecast, along with other astrology topics.

    26. Planet Waves

    Eric Francis features daily astrology and adventures on his blog. Tidbits such as what is a Natal Chart and what Eric wants for his clients are offered. There are also many guest posts by other astrologers.

    27. The Astrology Blog

    Need to chat with Elsa about something? That is one of the many options on her blog, which also include consultations by phone or email. In addition to regular entries, you can also check out the boards and get a Transit Watch.

    28. Astrology Mundo

    Monica is from Germany where she discovered astrology in 1973 after reading “Sun Signs.” She began this blog in 2008, where she found a supportive network. She now uses it to comment on everything from the world of finance to royalty with an astrological point of view.

    29. Big Sky Astrology

    Unique topics such as wedding dates and the moon can be found here. Blog posts are also on items such as luck, vengeance, and other related topics. Be sure not to miss the podcast with more.

    30. Julie Demboski’s Astrology

    She recently offered JUNO, which explores natal and relationship meanings. You can also get the blog for the latest in news and thoughts by sign and placement.

    31. Celebrity Astrologer Neil D. Paris

    Get astrology just like your favorite actors and musicians do at this blog. He is an astrologer, coach, and radio host from Boulder Creek, California. He focuses his blog on the “voyage of Now through the past present future lens of planetary positions.”

    32. The Horoscopic Astrology Blog

    Go beyond the “what’s your sign?” question on this blog. It contains a history and philosophy of astrology, tips and guides, and even book reviews. Featured articles often include items such as “Ten Tips for Learning Astrology.”

    33. Planetary Energies

    Lara currently writes a weekly astrology update. From Southwest England, she offers astrological consultations. She also includes lectures online.

    34. Holistic Astrologer Blog

    Hiroki is a professional astrologer residing in Tampa Bay, Florida. He is a graduate of the Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl, a long time practitioner of an Eastern meditation. Learn how to discover yourself through his brand of astrology on the blog.

Top Specialty Fortune Teller Blogs

These fortune tellers and their blogs fall into a category of their own.

    35. Visible by Numbers

    Alison is a numerologist and uses this form of math in her fortune telling. Check out her blog to get thoughts, predictions, and more. She also offers monthly forecasts and radio options on the blog.

    36. Creative Numerology

    Similar to the above, click here for another blog on numerology. Weekly readings, thoughts, and more are shared. A recent entry was on numerology and extremes.

    37. John Edward

    Not the former presidential candidate, this is the official home of the psychic medium who claims to be able to contact the dead. Visit here for videos, thoughts, and even learn how you can get a private reading with him. You can also see where he will be appearing on the site.

    38. Sasstrology

    See how sex, love, relationships, and astrology combine here. Members blog on everything from celebrity news to horoscopes. There are also options for live readings, eBooks, and even a free report.

    39. Love Your Design

    Kim Gould is from Australia where she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. After looking to several types of medicine, she found the Human Design System. She now dedicates this blog to that and shares more on it.

    40. Joyce Hopewll

    She is a Principal Emeritus of and Tutor for the Astrological Psychology Association in the UK. With over 23 years’ experience to draw on, she helps people understand more about how they tick from a deep motivational level. The Jupiter/Uranus conjunction was recently discussed.

    41. Learning Curve on the Ecliptic

    See how astrology affects art, music, writing, politics, and life on this blog. Twilight is a British born fan of astrology living in the U.S. who is drawn to the subject. Music Monday is often a popular choice.

    42. The Weather Alternative

    What does the weather have in common with fortune telling? Visit this blog to find out. Long range forecasts and predictions are often featured. Inspirational thoughts and poems are also included by the blogger.

    43. Year Seer

    Numerology, astrology, and Tarot all combine in this blog. You can get useful guides on the magical association of numbers and your personal cycle and life path. The blog also offers helpful handouts.

    44. Auntie Moon

    Similar to the above, this blog discusses the same topics. It also offers many videos on the subject, including a talk from TED on vulnerability. There are even unique choices such as gardening by the moon and cooking with astrology.

Top Skeptic Fortune Teller Blogs

Think the above is a bunch of fertilizer? Then check out the blogs of skeptics who also have alternative to alternative views.

    45. Skeptic

    This blog uses skepticism to promote science and critical thinking. Topics include geology, podcasts, and even a special section for junior skeptics. A recent blog entry was on why we get fat.

    46. The Weekly Magic Failure

    See what happens when magic goes wrong on this blog. It includes a weekly entry on a magic or fortune telling trick went wrong. You can even get tips on how not to appear on the blog.

    47. Bad Science

    Dr. Ben Goldacre often analyzes science gone wrong in the media. Check out his blog for the latest. Putting numbers into perspective was the topic of a latest post.

    48. Skepchick

    Unlike the name suggests, the blog is actually written by several women and one man. Its focus is science, skepticism, and pseudoscience. Comments are often vast, and you can get more on the podcasts.

    49. Metamagician and the Hellfire Club

    Russell Blackford is many things including a writer, philosopher, and critic. From Australia, he discusses human and posthuman failure. See which topics made the blog with a visit.

    50. Skeptic Blog

    “The Skeptologists” is a pilot skeptical reality show. The blog is a collaboration among some of the most recognized names in promoting science, critical thinking, and skepticism. Recent posts are on God and the astronomers and even a scientific wine test.

Remember that while the above top 50 fortune teller blogs are full of advice, use caution whenever following it. Fortune tellers, psychics, astrologers, and the like are not licensed to give financial advice, medical diagnosis, or other information that could greatly change your life.