For the Gadget Know-It-All: Top 100 Gadget Blogs for 2011

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Love your iPad or smart phone? Think there isn’t anything it can’t do? With the emergence of the gadget market the answer to that very question is constantly being sought. But who will break the next tech barrier?

If this were the olden days, you would have to go to a television or old-fashioned publication printed on pressed trees. Nowadays, those in the know get their news from the same place they get their mail: the internet. To keep you on top of the next breaking item of technology, we have listed the top 100 gadget blogs below. They can help you get the latest updates, give reviews on what to buy and stay away from, and even make the most of your soon to be outdated products.

Top Overall Gadget Blogs for 2011

Get all gadgets, all the time on these blogs.

  1. Engadget What were the top ten gadgets of 2010? Stop by this leading gadget blog to find out. They also have daily reviews of products, videos, podcasts, and much more.
  2. Ubergizmo Get expert reviews of all sorts of gadgets on this blog. Top stories currently include the Motorola Droid Bionic and Tegra 3.
  3. Digital Trends This gadget blog encourages all who visit to upgrade their lifestyle through technology. Choose from specialty categories such as home theaters and many how-to entries.
  4. Oh Gizmo! This blog is frequently updated and focuses on gadgets, innovation, and design. It sets itself apart by recognizing two personality traits shared by most gadget lovers: a keen sense of aesthetics and an almost childlike hunger for amazement.
  5. Gizmodo This blog is commonly referred to as “The Gadget Guide.” With plenty of entries to back it up, stop by to get the latest in blog entries on gadgets.
  6. Gear Live Enter the high tech lifestyle with the help of this bog. Also included are sports, lifestyle, and video shows.
  7. Pocketables Gadgets that fit into your pocket are the subject here. Reviews include MID, DAP, accessories, and many others.
  8. Gadgetell Get a virtual newspaper centering on gadgets here. Current hot articles include the Samsung Galaxy and Nexus One Android.

Top Gadget Columns for 2011

These sites, publications, and more offer special columns containing blogs just for gadgets.

  1. Personal Technology Walt Mossberg is the author and creator of this column in “The Wall Street Journal,” which has appeared every week since 1991. From the Gameboy to the iPad, Walt has written about it all.
  2. Gadget Lab Click here for the gadget blog from the professionals at Wired. First looks and inside peeks are often featured.
  3. Gadgetwise Get smart about personal technology with the help of this blog from “The New York Times.” From figuring out which gadget to buy and how to get the best deal on it to configuring it once it’s out of the box, Gadgetwise offers a mix of information, analysis, and opinion.
  4. National Gadgets Examiner Dan Appleman is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in hardware, software, and gadgets of all kinds. Author of “How Computer Programming Works,” he stubbornly insists that technology be judged by its real value and not just by how new or cool it is.
  5. Tech Blog “Update your geek” with Dwight Silverman of “The Houston Chronicle.” Categories include gadgets such as cell phones, games, mobile devices, and more.
  6. Go Mobile Check out this gadget blog from “The L.A. Times.” They specialize in sharing what to do with your mobile phone, including getting informed and entertained.
  7. Technology Blog Get a blog from “The Guardian” with a visit here. Games, PDA, science, and a virtual A to Z of technology items are featured.

Top Gadget News Blogs for 2011

Get the latest news in gadgets and all technologies with a visit below.

  1. Business Week Get a blog where the bottom line is directly involved with breaking the latest news here. Bloomberg has a special section for technology news which offers several blogs or news by tech category.
  2. Real Tech News Independent tech news is offered on this blog. Over 40 contributors review and write about many new gadgets, deals, and more.
  3. Pogue’s Posts Get the latest in technology news from “New York Times” blogger David Pogue. He has been writing a tech column since 2000 and has authored many books on the subject.
  4. Techmeme Get your technology news on the serious at this site. Regular headlines and analysis are featured several times a day.
  5. Information Week The business value of technology is featured here. You can also check out their many blogs on everything from green computing to hardware.
  6. Crenk Startup technology is often focused on in this blog. Deals, freebies, how-to’s, and gadgets are also written about.
  7. Tech Crunch Get the latest news just by clicking the Gadget section here. You can also check out the homepage with loads more on what’s hot, or check out the Crunch Board where jobs and services are posted.
  8. Tech Dirt Think gossip is just for celebrity talk? Then check out this blog with tech news such as Apple using special screws so that users can’t open their phones.
  9. The Register Get the latest in technology news from this British site. It includes sections on hardware, software, security, and more.

Top Gadget Blogs for 2011 by a Group

These bloggers take writing and gadgets very seriously.

  1. Hot Hardware Visit here for the “hottest tech, tested and burned in.” There are loads of blogs, images, videos, and even forums.
  2. Gear Diary Judie and others blog about gadget announcements, deals, gaming, and much more. There are also sections on contests and giveaways.
  3. Technologizer Get a smarter take on tech at this blog. Choices include many popular gadgets, as well as other forms of tech such as Google or Facebook.
  4. Craziest Gadgets This blog takes on everything from audio gadgets to weird stuff. A coffee mug made out of a Rubik’s cube was the latest.
  5. Gadizmo Charles La Rocca and others help you to keep from stressing about technology gifts to purchase. It has now morphed into a popular choice that is currently discussing Ikea solar gadgets and the iPhone.
  6. Geek-cetera is one of the many popular topics here. There are also special sections on gadgets, mobile, games, and even chips.
  7. Cool Tools A cool tool can be any book, gadget, software, video, map, hardware, material, or website that is tried and true. All reviews on this site are written by readers who have actually used the tool and others like it.
  8. Geekologie This blog is dedicated to the scientific study of gadgets, gizmos, and other awesome things. There are a lot of shiny new things out there, and Geekologie is dedicated to finding every last one of them.
  9. GigaOM Technology news, analysis, and trends having to do with gadgets are discussed here. Topics include Apple, broadband, cloud, mobile, and others.
  10. Coolest Gadgets The ongoing search for the coolest gadget continues here. Categories range from Apple to vehicle gadgets.
  11. Gizmos for Geeks With a tagline of “whoever has the most toys wins,” this blog takes gadgets seriously. They even keep a feed of the best bargains in gadgets.

Top Gadget Blogs for 2011 by a Site

These sites offer even more on the world of gadgets.

  1. Wize They report the best and worst in products. With a special section for computers and office, as well as video games and other electronics, learn what not to buy here.
  2. Lifehacker This blog is a leading choice for those who love to hack, or turn stuff into other stuff. With a special section for gadgets, you can learn how to do all sorts of DIY solutions
  3. Mashable This popular technology site has a special section just for gadgets. They often stand out for their Top Ten lists and trending topics.
  4. Crave Visit here for the gadget blog from the experts at CNET. Hot entries currently include the Nintendo 3DS, Kinect, and Android.
  5. Gadgets Get the latest in gadget news from the experts at PC World. In addition to news and reviews, they also have topics in loads of sub categories.
  6. Make Blog Get technology on your time in this blog. It is from the experts at Make Zine and include DIY projects, how-to’s, and inspiration from all kinds of experts.
  7. Gadgets Click here for the special gadget section from Think Geek. With a tagline of “stuff for smart asses,” they truly live up to their name.
  8. PR Product Reviews is a site that brings loads of actual user reviews on one site. With a section for just the gadgets, you can get entries on everything from connectors to the latest gizmo.
  9. CW Blogs The experts at Computer World have loads of blogs to choose from. They include Windows, Apple, mobile, and many more.

Top Gadget Blogs for 2011 by an Individual

These individual bloggers also keep track of gadgets on their blogs.

  1. Larry’s World Larry Magid is a technology journalist and an internet safety advocate. His popular blog includes all sorts of gadget reviews for adults, kids, and teens.
  2. Ryan’s Profile He is a leading blogger on the site GDGT. Check out his reviews of many leading products, as well as the ones he wishes to get and why.
  3. Muz Gadgets Pete is a communications CEO from Turkey. His blog includes news and reviews from the Murray Gadget Brothers.
  4. The Mobile Gadgeteer Both Matthew Miller and Joel Evans pose as the MG here. They also have news, commentary, and in-depth reviews of the latest in gadgets.
  5. Geek Dad The Geek Dad is raising the next generation of geeks and sharing how on Wired. Games, toys, and much more are all discussed.
  6. Book of Joe He has been called “the world’s most popular blogging anesthesiologist.” However, his blog stands out for gadget reviews.
  7. Solsie Proving that women can love gadgets too, there is this blog. She is a self-confessed gadget junkie from Southern California who reviews everything from Google Voice to gaming.
  8. Mr. Gadget From Australia, this blogger takes on mobile software, specials, and other gadget related items. Recent entries are on an Led Lenser and battery saving tips.
  9. Tracy and Matt Get views on gadgets from both the male and female points of view on this blog. They also include a podcast with more.
  10. Gadgets Guru Get gadgets with the price attached on this blog. Choose from every category including accessories and all the way to entertainment systems.
  11. The Gadget Box Get the latest in this blogger’s newest gadgets with a read. The most recent include a motion activated lawn sprinkler and atomic time watch.

Top Gadget Podcasts for 2011

Learn more about gadgets by listening to these internet radio shows.

  1. Tech Talk This weekly podcast is hosted by three people and includes loads of gadget talk. A tip of the week and relevant links are also shared.
  2. The Bleeding Edge This series of podcasts is hosted by Gear Live. Check out the latest episodes or choose from loads of gear galleries.
  3. GNC Geek News Central has loads of podcasts on tech news and information. Be sure not to miss the main site with more.
  4. World Tech Update Get a weekly update every Friday on the world of Tech from Short, video entries are featured as episodes.
  5. This Week in Tech Leo Laporte and friends host this weekly show on all things technology. With 285 episodes and counting, make time for this one.
  6. Daily Giz Wiz Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo digs into his massive gadget collection for the gadget of the day on this podcast. He recently took on the Tekkeon myPower.
  7. Broadcast and Podcast Gadgets If you are looking for the best gadgets to actually help you record a podcast or broadcast, click here. The best in equipment for storytelling is regularly featured.
  8. Mike Tech Show He discusses technology, cool sites, software, tips, and tricks with the geek in mind. The most recent episode was on update tips, exchange stores, and client server networking.
  9. Tekzilla Patrick Norton and Veronica Belmont bring you hands on reviews of the latest gear, tips, and tricks that improve the tech you already own and conversations with the most informative experts around. The main site also has loads more.

Top iPhone and iPad Gadget Blogs for 2011

Get the latest news in and about your favorite Apple device on the below blogs.

  1. Mac Rumors This blog is dedicated to all the rumors and news surrounding Macintosh. With a special section just for the iPhone, the latest headlines concerning the phone are often featured.
  2. The iPhone Download Blog Items such as Jailbreak and Unlock make this blog a popular choice. Those who are less willing to crack open their phones can also find items for them.
  3. iPad Today These two geeks love their iPads so much, they have dedicated an entire weekly podcast to it. The current episode is on best-selling apps and a flipboard.
  4. Electronista Gadgets for geeks are focused on in this blog from the Macintosh News Network. In addition to learning more about the iPhone, they feature all sorts of other Apple products.
  5. Appstore HQ Get the latest in reviews for apps for your iPhone and iPad here. Choose from the most popular, newest reviewed, or by category.
  6. TiPb This blog is a popular choice for featuring user guides, how-to’s, a forum, podcasts, and much more. They also have an online store that is currently offering free shipping.
  7. iSource In addition the iPhone and iPad, you can also get entries for the Apple TV and other Mac products here. Tips and tricks are also a standout feature.
  8. iSmashPhone If you are ready to crack open your iPhone to make the most of it, stop here. The blog specializes in iPhone tips, tricks, hacks, and cracks.
  9. Apple iPhone School Treat your iPhone like the educational tool it is in this blog. Hacks, MOD, media, accessories, and much more are all treated like online lessons.

Top Mobile Gadget Blogs for 2011

If you have another form of smart phone, there is loads about it below.

  1. Phones Review Get the user’s choice in phones on this blog. From the U.K., they offer news on every brand of phone from BlackBerry to Sony.
  2. Tech N’ Marketing This is a leading technology news site. They also offer this special section for the mobile and another one for the iPhone
  3. iPod Touch Hacks Another popular mobile device, learn the latest in hacks for it with a visit here. Top posts include jailbreak and how to use SSH.
  4. Mobile Crunch Actively discussed posts here include Honeycomb SDK and Verizon data plans. You can also choose news by tech, gadgets, and more.
  5. Daily Wireless Get daily news on the latest in mobile gadgets, plans, and more here. They even offer the top 100 stories of the decade.
  6. Muni Wireless Wi-Fi, LTE, and broadband news are what this blog focuses on. New developments in networks and plans are also featured.
  7. Mobile Marketing Watch Is 2011 the year of the smartphone? These and other mobile questions are asked and answered on the blog.
  8. Hungry Mobile Blog Jan Rezab is a mobile enthusiast who loves to discuss the area of technology. Opinions, reviews, and other items of interest are discussed.
  9. Mobile Opportunity This blog is at the intersection of the web, wireless, entertainment, and computing. The opportunities that result and opinions often follow.

Top Gaming Gadget Blogs for 2011

Learn the latest on mobile gaming and gadgets in these blogs.

  1. Pocket Gamer Get the latest information on game releases and reviews for mobile devices on this blog. From the U.K., they offer tons of entries on every gaming system from phones to major makers.
  2. Finger Gaming They feature news, reviews, and analysis on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad games. There are also many other gaming blogs to choose from.
  3. No Dpad Stop here for news, reviews, previews, and even editorials on gaming gadgets. They also have games of the month and much more to choose from.
  4. Touch Reviews With touch being the new thing in gaming, stop here. The blog features loads of reviews on the best in touch gaming on the iPad and other similar devices.
  5. Slide to Play Visit here for information on game cheats, news, and even price drops. They recently featured the “Five Best Games You Can’t Buy Anymore.”
  6. Touch Arcade Keep in touch with the best in iPhone gaming here. New releases are often featured as well as price drops.
  7. Best Gaming Headset If you need a headset for your mobile gaming, stop here. The best in this type of gadgetry is often featured and reviewed.

Top Specialty Gadget Blogs for 2011

Get the best of the rest in gadgets by checking out the below.

  1. Retro Thing This is an independent vintage gadget website run by a team of renegades based in Calgary and Chicago. Each month, they present a never-ending stream of classic and almost-classic gizmos and books. A look at the first computer was recently featured.
  2. Slashgear Need your gadgets on the cheap? Then check out this site, which has the usual reviews, along with many price points.
  3. Automated Home Learn how to turn your home into something out of “The Jetsons” with the help of this gadget blog. Not only do they include product reviews, but there are also guides and podcasts with much more.
  4. eHome Upgrade Similar to the above, this blog focuses on gadgets for the home. Recent ones include mobile internet and streaming movies.
  5. Great Demo! Because gadgets can also include software, there is this blog. Peter Cohan helps organizations demonstrate their software at its best and shows how and which in his blog.
  6. Notebooks Learn more about laptop and other mobile computers in this blog. Deals, news, reviews, and much more are all included.
  7. Liliputing Learn all about the gadget art of compact computing here. The Windows 7 Tablet was recently reviewed.
  8. Hacked Gadgets Don’t just own gadgets, hack them with the help of this blog. There is also a forum with more.
  9. USB Powered Gadgets Use your computers USB connections to their full potential with this blog. Tutorials, news, and reviews are all offered.
  10. Walyou This blog focuses not only on the coolest gadgets, but the coolest looking ones. Latest entries include the best iPod docks and amazing liquor dispensers.
  11. Gadgets from China Because the West isn’t the only area obsessed with gadgets, stop here. They focus on the latest and greatest in gadgets from China.

No matter what your fixation or budget, there is something of use and in your price range in the above top 100 gadget blogs. You can also use them to utilize your existing gadgets, shop for new ones, or just get the latest news.