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When you are a grad student, it can help to have access to a number of resources. Some may scoff at the idea that social media sites can have a benefit for students, but the truth is that they can. With the ability to help you make connections with a wide range of people, social media sites can be a great tool as you work toward your degree.

There are numerous social media sites on the Internet, and some of them are even aimed at students — even graduate students. If you are earning an advanced degree, you can find support, share ideas and even make connections that can help you with your career. Here are 25 savvy social media sites for grad students:

Graduate Student Social Media Sites

These are social media sites aimed specifically at graduate students. They can help you make valuable connections, as well as find people that share your interests.

  1. Graduate Junction: This is the most recognized social media site aimed at graduate students. You can meet other graduates, as well as keep up with your friends. A great place to congregate online.
  2. Graduates: Keep in touch with other graduate students that you meet. You can connect with other students, and share messages, photos and discussions. Also includes the ability to find others from elementary schools and secondary schools as well as graduate schools.
  3. CampusHook: Meet academics and grad students from around the world. It’s a great way to meet students near you, or strike up friendships with those in distant countries. This can connect you with undergraduates as well as graduate students.
  4. EMES PhD Student Network: Find those in Europe interested in networking. Share your insights, and find information on a variety of subjects. A great place to make connections, especially if you are studying in Europe.
  5. Jewish Graduate Student Network: If you are Jewish, this is a great grad student network for you. It’s mostly based in Philadelphia, but you can meet plenty of people even if you aren’t in in Philly. An interesting network to keep you connected.

Study Tips, Resources and Collaboration

You might be surprised to find that some social media sites are available for use as a study resource. You can learn how to study more effectively share ideas with others, and even find others to collaborate with on areas of research.

  1. GradeGuru: This social media site is designed to help you share notes and improve your study habits. If you are a graduate student, this knowledge sharing network can be a great help.
  2. GradShare: This is a great graduate student community that allows you to ask questions about school — and life. You can get tips on what statistical regression to use, as well as find answers to questions about a specific program. This is also a community where you can find others to collaborate on projects with. Browse by subject to find (or share) your wisdom.
  3. Campusbug: Helps you study with the help of social learning. This social media web site is meant to encourage students to interact with each other to help enhance learning outcomes. An interesting web site that can help you improve your study habits.
  4. Epernicus: If you are in a research science field, this social media web site is a great tool. You can share information that you have learned, as well as find other researchers to collaborate. Ask questions, share your insights, and become a better student and researcher.
  5. LibraryThing: Read reviews of different books, and see what other students are reading. This can be a very useful social media site for those interested in literature, as well as those who just love to read.

Niche Social Media Web Sites

If you are studying in a specific niche, you can visit a social media web site devoted to that niche. Whether you are studying psychology, or interested in art, you can find like-minded individuals who know about your area of interest. Visit these sites to make valuable connections.

  1. PhatMath: Meant for academics, students and others. A great social media web site that encourages math literacy, and that can help you connect with others interested in Math.
  2. BioCrowd: Connect with others who are interested in all things biology. Great for medical grad students, biology grad students and others. Plenty of professionals can be found on this web site as well. It’s a great place to connect to others in the biological sciences.
  3. UniPHY: Physical scientists can connect using this social media web site. You can collaborate, share information, or learn more about physical sciences.
  4. Livemocha: If you are studying language, this can be a great social media resource. The point of Livemocha is to connect language learners to people all over the world. You can connect with native speakers to better learn a language, or even discuss issues of literature and more.
  5. Socially Psyched: A great social network aimed at those with an interesting in psychology. Connect with other grad students and with professionals.
  6. Politically Social: Get involved in politics. If you are getting a grad degree in political science, public policy or administration, or some other similar field, this is a great social media web site for you.

Career Social Media Web Sites

One of the things you should be doing while in graduate school is improving your career prospects. You can do this with the help of social media web sites. There are plenty of these web sites aimed at helping you forge useful connections that can help you in your job search.

  1. iHipo: A great social media web site for those graduate students looking to land international internships, externships and jobs.
  2. Ecademy: Designed to help you connect with other professionals. As a grad student, you can prepare to advance your career.
  3. Networking for Professionals: Meet professionals now, and start networking. It’s a great way to attend online events, and prepare yourself for getting out there and finding jobs.
  4. LinkedIn: This is the best social media web site for professionals. You can meet others online, build your portfolio, and show your prowess. Grad school is a great time to begin a LinkedIn profile.
  5. Alumwire: Connect to graduates from your alma mater. Perfect for those grad students who want to find those already in the workforce. Forge connections that will help you when you finish.
  6. Perfect for those who have advanced degrees and are looking for jobs. Includes a job board, the ability to connect to other students and professionals, and other career resources.

General Social Networking Web Sites

In many cases, you don’t need to be involved on a niche site to engage in effective social networking. There are plenty of opportunities on the bigger, more general, social media web sites. Here are some that many grad students are likely to find useful.

  1. Facebook: It may seem strange, but Facebook can be a great place for grad students. Connect, share ideas, and form study groups. Online.
  2. Twitter: Connect to others in your field, follow thinkers, and have conversations about topics of import.
  3. Meetup: Connect with other grad students in your area. A great way to plan events and meet people. You can even plan study groups and symposia.

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