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When you are a grad student, it can help to have access to a number of resources. Some may scoff at the idea that social media sites can have a benefit for students, but the truth is that they can. With the ability to help you make connections with a wide range of people, social media sites can be a great tool as you work toward your degree.

There are numerous social media sites on the Internet, and some of them are even aimed at students — even graduate students. If you are earning an advanced degree, you can find support, share ideas and even make connections that can help you with your career. Here are 25 savvy social media sites for grad students:

Graduate Student Social Media Sites

These are social media sites aimed specifically at graduate students. They can help you make valuable connections, as well as find people that share your interests.

  1. Graduate Junction: This is the most recognized social media site aimed at graduate students. You can meet other graduates, as well as keep up with your friends. A great place to congregate online.
  2. Graduates: Keep in touch with other graduate students that you meet. You can connect with other students, and share messages, photos and discussions. Also includes the ability to find others from elementary schools and secondary schools as well as graduate schools.
  3. CampusHook: Meet academics and grad students from around the world. It’s a great way to meet students near you, or strike up friendships with those in distant countries. This can connect you with undergraduates as well as graduate students.
  4. EMES PhD Student Network: Find those in Europe interested in networking. Share your insights, and find information on a variety of subjects. A great place to make connections, especially if you are studying in Europe.
  5. Jewish Graduate Student Network: If you are Jewish, this is a great grad student network for you. It’s mostly based in Philadelphia, but you can meet plenty of people even if you aren’t in in Philly. An interesting network to keep you connected.

Study Tips, Resources and Collaboration

You might be surprised to find that some social media sites are available for use as a study resource. You can learn how to study more effectively share ideas with others, and even find others to collaborate with on areas of research.

  1. GradeGuru: This social media site is designed to help you share notes and improve your study habits. If you are a graduate student, this knowledge sharing network can be a great help.
  2. GradShare: This is a great graduate student community that allows you to ask questions about school — and life. You can get tips on what statistical regression to use, as well as find answers to questions about a specific program. This is also a community where you can find others to collaborate on projects with. Browse by subject to find (or share) your wisdom.
  3. Campusbug: Helps you study with the help of social learning. This social media web site is meant to encourage students to interact with each other to help enhance learning outcomes. An interesting web site that can help you improve your study habits.
  4. Epernicus: If you are in a research science field, this social media web site is a great tool. You can share information that you have learned, as well as find other researchers to collaborate. Ask questions, share your insights, and become a better student and researcher.
  5. LibraryThing: Read reviews of different books, and see what other students are reading. This can be a very useful social media site for those interested in literature, as well as those who just love to read.

Niche Social Media Web Sites

If you are studying in a specific niche, you can visit a social media web site devoted to that niche. Whether you are studying psychology, or interested in art, you can find like-minded individuals who know about your area of interest. Visit these sites to make valuable connections.

  1. PhatMath: Meant for academics, students and others. A great social media web site that encourages math literacy, and that can help you connect with others interested in Math.
  2. BioCrowd: Connect with others who are interested in all things biology. Great for medical grad students, biology grad students and others. Plenty of professionals can be found on this web site as well. It’s a great place to connect to others in the biological sciences.
  3. UniPHY: Physical scientists can connect using this social media web site. You can collaborate, share information, or learn more about physical sciences.
  4. Livemocha: If you are studying language, this can be a great social media resource. The point of Livemocha is to connect language learners to people all over the world. You can connect with native speakers to better learn a language, or even discuss issues of literature and more.
  5. Socially Psyched: A great social network aimed at those with an interesting in psychology. Connect with other grad students and with professionals.
  6. Politically Social: Get involved in politics. If you are getting a grad degree in political science, public policy or administration, or some other similar field, this is a great social media web site for you.

Career Social Media Web Sites

One of the things you should be doing while in graduate school is improving your career prospects. You can do this with the help of social media web sites. There are plenty of these web sites aimed at helping you forge useful connections that can help you in your job search.

  1. iHipo: A great social media web site for those graduate students looking to land international internships, externships and jobs.
  2. Ecademy: Designed to help you connect with other professionals. As a grad student, you can prepare to advance your career.
  3. Networking for Professionals: Meet professionals now, and start networking. It’s a great way to attend online events, and prepare yourself for getting out there and finding jobs.
  4. LinkedIn: This is the best social media web site for professionals. You can meet others online, build your portfolio, and show your prowess. Grad school is a great time to begin a LinkedIn profile.
  5. Alumwire: Connect to graduates from your alma mater. Perfect for those grad students who want to find those already in the workforce. Forge connections that will help you when you finish.
  6. Perfect for those who have advanced degrees and are looking for jobs. Includes a job board, the ability to connect to other students and professionals, and other career resources.

General Social Networking Web Sites

In many cases, you don’t need to be involved on a niche site to engage in effective social networking. There are plenty of opportunities on the bigger, more general, social media web sites. Here are some that many grad students are likely to find useful.

  1. Facebook: It may seem strange, but Facebook can be a great place for grad students. Connect, share ideas, and form study groups. Online.
  2. Twitter: Connect to others in your field, follow thinkers, and have conversations about topics of import.
  3. Meetup: Connect with other grad students in your area. A great way to plan events and meet people. You can even plan study groups and symposia.

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Those who have just survived four years of college and are now in the process of signing up for another degree in a graduate school may think that the worst is behind them. However, with stricter admissions guidelines, a more demanding curriculum, and far higher price tag, those entering the world of the graduate student may find themselves in over their heads right from the selection process.

To help connect you with others who have been where you are going, check out the below 40 must read forums for grad students. They have advice on everything from picking a school to paying for it and even a few options just for students in a specific area of graduate study.

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Now here’s an irony (or is it an embarrassment?) – a larger number of Rwandans have health insurance than Americans. This poor African nation with a population that is just more than New York City insures more than 80 percent of its citizens for the measly sum of $2. The medical facilities they’re entitled to are not much, but at least they have some form of care when they fall ill or are affected by disease as opposed to the majority of Americans who live in dread of the day they need medical care. They have no insurance, and because of this, they know that they cannot afford to see a doctor or visit a hospital.

The cost of medical care continues to skyrocket, and even though the reforms ushered in by the Obama government promise much, the sad fact is that nothing has changed today. Why is healthcare so costly in a nation that is one of the wealthiest in the world? The answer lies not just in the prohibitive costs of branded drugs, but also in the fact that we as a nation grossly underestimate the value and potential of primary care physicians and internists, the doctors who provide basic healthcare and look after preventive aspects of medicine.

Personal health starts with your primary care provider – he or she is the right person to:

  1. Help prevent diseases by advocating a healthier lifestyle with the right diet, exercise, and avoidance of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and stress.
  2. Control and treat minor conditions and prevent them from becoming full blown diseases that lead to long and expensive hospital stays.
  3. Identify the beginnings of potentially dangerous conditions like cancer, stroke and heart disease and setting up appointments with the right specialists.
  4. Teach basic hygiene measures that prevent disease in the home.
  5. Guide pregnant and nursing mothers as to how best to care for themselves and their babies and prevent complications at birth and after.

In spite of all these advantages that primary care physicians offer, not many people prefer to see them. This is mostly because they are too busy and their offices always overcrowded. Setting up an appointment is a chore and seeing your primary care doctor immediately is a miracle. Also, most doctors spend very little time with their patients and turn them over to nurse practitioners or physician assistants. Looking at it from their point of view, they get paid less for each patient than doctors in other specialties, and to maximize their earnings, they crowd in as many patients as they can into their workday. And with primary care doctors earning much less than doctors in other fields, not many medical school graduates want to enter this line of work.

So when we take into account the shortage of primary care physicians, add to it the fact that they’re not really well paid by the system, and throw in the high cost of medical care in this country (mainly because of long and unnecessary hospital stays and visits to specialists that could have been avoided), we can see how important primary care is to the general welfare and wellbeing of our country. And unless more med school graduates are enticed into primary care with higher pay incentives, there’s no way to stop medical costs from spiraling out of control.

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There are a few buzzwords today that are designed to impress in any conversation, and organic features on the list along with green, eco-friendly and fitness. Although there are people who feel that organic foods are overrated and too expensive, there’s no doubting the fact that they are good for your health. And if you’re asking how, read on to find out:

  1. You’re able to eliminate the poisonous effects of pesticides and other chemicals that are sprayed on fruits and vegetables, especially if you’re in the habit of eating them raw. No matter how much you wash, you’re still going to ingest many toxic chemicals when you increase your fruit and vegetable intake in the pursuit of good health. This increases your risk of cancer, respiratory diseases and other illnesses. So when it’s health you want, it’s best to choose organic produce.
  2. You avoid the side effects that come with eating meat and dairy from animals that are pumped with hormones and that are fed with antibiotics and fattening feed instead of being allowed to graze naturally. These hormones mess up your system and cause a variety of diseases, from obesity to infertility.
  3. The organic variety tastes much better than fruits and vegetables that are ripened artificially using chemicals.
  4. There are no artificial preservatives or additives in organic food. This makes it a healthy alternative to processed foods that are loaded with unhealthy additives.
  5. Organic food is beneficial to the environment too – the less chemicals and pesticides we use, the less we are poisoning the earth and its environment. Organic farming minimizes pollution to the air, water and soil. Also, waste production is minimized and the waste that is generated is disposed of in eco-friendly ways. Organic farming and food processing also consumes less energy than conventional methods. So on the whole, organic methods are beneficial for both human beings and the environment.

Although some people claim that organic foods have more nutritious value, the assumption is not entirely true. What is true however is that the health benefits you gain by switching to organic food are real and visible because you avoid dangerous chemicals that are bad for the human body.

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Comments Off on For the Gadget Know-It-All: Top 100 Gadget Blogs for 2011

Love your iPad or smart phone? Think there isn’t anything it can’t do? With the emergence of the gadget market the answer to that very question is constantly being sought. But who will break the next tech barrier?

If this were the olden days, you would have to go to a television or old-fashioned publication printed on pressed trees. Nowadays, those in the know get their news from the same place they get their mail: the internet. To keep you on top of the next breaking item of technology, we have listed the top 100 gadget blogs below. They can help you get the latest updates, give reviews on what to buy and stay away from, and even make the most of your soon to be outdated products.

Top Overall Gadget Blogs for 2011

Get all gadgets, all the time on these blogs.

  1. Engadget What were the top ten gadgets of 2010? Stop by this leading gadget blog to find out. They also have daily reviews of products, videos, podcasts, and much more.
  2. Ubergizmo Get expert reviews of all sorts of gadgets on this blog. Top stories currently include the Motorola Droid Bionic and Tegra 3.
  3. Digital Trends This gadget blog encourages all who visit to upgrade their lifestyle through technology. Choose from specialty categories such as home theaters and many how-to entries.
  4. Oh Gizmo! This blog is frequently updated and focuses on gadgets, innovation, and design. It sets itself apart by recognizing two personality traits shared by most gadget lovers: a keen sense of aesthetics and an almost childlike hunger for amazement.
  5. Gizmodo This blog is commonly referred to as “The Gadget Guide.” With plenty of entries to back it up, stop by to get the latest in blog entries on gadgets.
  6. Gear Live Enter the high tech lifestyle with the help of this bog. Also included are sports, lifestyle, and video shows.
  7. Pocketables Gadgets that fit into your pocket are the subject here. Reviews include MID, DAP, accessories, and many others.
  8. Gadgetell Get a virtual newspaper centering on gadgets here. Current hot articles include the Samsung Galaxy and Nexus One Android.

Top Gadget Columns for 2011

These sites, publications, and more offer special columns containing blogs just for gadgets.

  1. Personal Technology Walt Mossberg is the author and creator of this column in “The Wall Street Journal,” which has appeared every week since 1991. From the Gameboy to the iPad, Walt has written about it all.
  2. Gadget Lab Click here for the gadget blog from the professionals at Wired. First looks and inside peeks are often featured.
  3. Gadgetwise Get smart about personal technology with the help of this blog from “The New York Times.” From figuring out which gadget to buy and how to get the best deal on it to configuring it once it’s out of the box, Gadgetwise offers a mix of information, analysis, and opinion.
  4. National Gadgets Examiner Dan Appleman is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in hardware, software, and gadgets of all kinds. Author of “How Computer Programming Works,” he stubbornly insists that technology be judged by its real value and not just by how new or cool it is.
  5. Tech Blog “Update your geek” with Dwight Silverman of “The Houston Chronicle.” Categories include gadgets such as cell phones, games, mobile devices, and more.
  6. Go Mobile Check out this gadget blog from “The L.A. Times.” They specialize in sharing what to do with your mobile phone, including getting informed and entertained.
  7. Technology Blog Get a blog from “The Guardian” with a visit here. Games, PDA, science, and a virtual A to Z of technology items are featured.

Top Gadget News Blogs for 2011

Get the latest news in gadgets and all technologies with a visit below.

  1. Business Week Get a blog where the bottom line is directly involved with breaking the latest news here. Bloomberg has a special section for technology news which offers several blogs or news by tech category.
  2. Real Tech News Independent tech news is offered on this blog. Over 40 contributors review and write about many new gadgets, deals, and more.
  3. Pogue’s Posts Get the latest in technology news from “New York Times” blogger David Pogue. He has been writing a tech column since 2000 and has authored many books on the subject.
  4. Techmeme Get your technology news on the serious at this site. Regular headlines and analysis are featured several times a day.
  5. Information Week The business value of technology is featured here. You can also check out their many blogs on everything from green computing to hardware.
  6. Crenk Startup technology is often focused on in this blog. Deals, freebies, how-to’s, and gadgets are also written about.
  7. Tech Crunch Get the latest news just by clicking the Gadget section here. You can also check out the homepage with loads more on what’s hot, or check out the Crunch Board where jobs and services are posted.
  8. Tech Dirt Think gossip is just for celebrity talk? Then check out this blog with tech news such as Apple using special screws so that users can’t open their phones.
  9. The Register Get the latest in technology news from this British site. It includes sections on hardware, software, security, and more.

Top Gadget Blogs for 2011 by a Group

These bloggers take writing and gadgets very seriously.

  1. Hot Hardware Visit here for the “hottest tech, tested and burned in.” There are loads of blogs, images, videos, and even forums.
  2. Gear Diary Judie and others blog about gadget announcements, deals, gaming, and much more. There are also sections on contests and giveaways.
  3. Technologizer Get a smarter take on tech at this blog. Choices include many popular gadgets, as well as other forms of tech such as Google or Facebook.
  4. Craziest Gadgets This blog takes on everything from audio gadgets to weird stuff. A coffee mug made out of a Rubik’s cube was the latest.
  5. Gadizmo Charles La Rocca and others help you to keep from stressing about technology gifts to purchase. It has now morphed into a popular choice that is currently discussing Ikea solar gadgets and the iPhone.
  6. Geek-cetera is one of the many popular topics here. There are also special sections on gadgets, mobile, games, and even chips.
  7. Cool Tools A cool tool can be any book, gadget, software, video, map, hardware, material, or website that is tried and true. All reviews on this site are written by readers who have actually used the tool and others like it.
  8. Geekologie This blog is dedicated to the scientific study of gadgets, gizmos, and other awesome things. There are a lot of shiny new things out there, and Geekologie is dedicated to finding every last one of them.
  9. GigaOM Technology news, analysis, and trends having to do with gadgets are discussed here. Topics include Apple, broadband, cloud, mobile, and others.
  10. Coolest Gadgets The ongoing search for the coolest gadget continues here. Categories range from Apple to vehicle gadgets.
  11. Gizmos for Geeks With a tagline of “whoever has the most toys wins,” this blog takes gadgets seriously. They even keep a feed of the best bargains in gadgets.

Top Gadget Blogs for 2011 by a Site

These sites offer even more on the world of gadgets.

  1. Wize They report the best and worst in products. With a special section for computers and office, as well as video games and other electronics, learn what not to buy here.
  2. Lifehacker This blog is a leading choice for those who love to hack, or turn stuff into other stuff. With a special section for gadgets, you can learn how to do all sorts of DIY solutions
  3. Mashable This popular technology site has a special section just for gadgets. They often stand out for their Top Ten lists and trending topics.
  4. Crave Visit here for the gadget blog from the experts at CNET. Hot entries currently include the Nintendo 3DS, Kinect, and Android.
  5. Gadgets Get the latest in gadget news from the experts at PC World. In addition to news and reviews, they also have topics in loads of sub categories.
  6. Make Blog Get technology on your time in this blog. It is from the experts at Make Zine and include DIY projects, how-to’s, and inspiration from all kinds of experts.
  7. Gadgets Click here for the special gadget section from Think Geek. With a tagline of “stuff for smart asses,” they truly live up to their name.
  8. PR Product Reviews is a site that brings loads of actual user reviews on one site. With a section for just the gadgets, you can get entries on everything from connectors to the latest gizmo.
  9. CW Blogs The experts at Computer World have loads of blogs to choose from. They include Windows, Apple, mobile, and many more.

Top Gadget Blogs for 2011 by an Individual

These individual bloggers also keep track of gadgets on their blogs.

  1. Larry’s World Larry Magid is a technology journalist and an internet safety advocate. His popular blog includes all sorts of gadget reviews for adults, kids, and teens.
  2. Ryan’s Profile He is a leading blogger on the site GDGT. Check out his reviews of many leading products, as well as the ones he wishes to get and why.
  3. Muz Gadgets Pete is a communications CEO from Turkey. His blog includes news and reviews from the Murray Gadget Brothers.
  4. The Mobile Gadgeteer Both Matthew Miller and Joel Evans pose as the MG here. They also have news, commentary, and in-depth reviews of the latest in gadgets.
  5. Geek Dad The Geek Dad is raising the next generation of geeks and sharing how on Wired. Games, toys, and much more are all discussed.
  6. Book of Joe He has been called “the world’s most popular blogging anesthesiologist.” However, his blog stands out for gadget reviews.
  7. Solsie Proving that women can love gadgets too, there is this blog. She is a self-confessed gadget junkie from Southern California who reviews everything from Google Voice to gaming.
  8. Mr. Gadget From Australia, this blogger takes on mobile software, specials, and other gadget related items. Recent entries are on an Led Lenser and battery saving tips.
  9. Tracy and Matt Get views on gadgets from both the male and female points of view on this blog. They also include a podcast with more.
  10. Gadgets Guru Get gadgets with the price attached on this blog. Choose from every category including accessories and all the way to entertainment systems.
  11. The Gadget Box Get the latest in this blogger’s newest gadgets with a read. The most recent include a motion activated lawn sprinkler and atomic time watch.

Top Gadget Podcasts for 2011

Learn more about gadgets by listening to these internet radio shows.

  1. Tech Talk This weekly podcast is hosted by three people and includes loads of gadget talk. A tip of the week and relevant links are also shared.
  2. The Bleeding Edge This series of podcasts is hosted by Gear Live. Check out the latest episodes or choose from loads of gear galleries.
  3. GNC Geek News Central has loads of podcasts on tech news and information. Be sure not to miss the main site with more.
  4. World Tech Update Get a weekly update every Friday on the world of Tech from Short, video entries are featured as episodes.
  5. This Week in Tech Leo Laporte and friends host this weekly show on all things technology. With 285 episodes and counting, make time for this one.
  6. Daily Giz Wiz Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo digs into his massive gadget collection for the gadget of the day on this podcast. He recently took on the Tekkeon myPower.
  7. Broadcast and Podcast Gadgets If you are looking for the best gadgets to actually help you record a podcast or broadcast, click here. The best in equipment for storytelling is regularly featured.
  8. Mike Tech Show He discusses technology, cool sites, software, tips, and tricks with the geek in mind. The most recent episode was on update tips, exchange stores, and client server networking.
  9. Tekzilla Patrick Norton and Veronica Belmont bring you hands on reviews of the latest gear, tips, and tricks that improve the tech you already own and conversations with the most informative experts around. The main site also has loads more.

Top iPhone and iPad Gadget Blogs for 2011

Get the latest news in and about your favorite Apple device on the below blogs.

  1. Mac Rumors This blog is dedicated to all the rumors and news surrounding Macintosh. With a special section just for the iPhone, the latest headlines concerning the phone are often featured.
  2. The iPhone Download Blog Items such as Jailbreak and Unlock make this blog a popular choice. Those who are less willing to crack open their phones can also find items for them.
  3. iPad Today These two geeks love their iPads so much, they have dedicated an entire weekly podcast to it. The current episode is on best-selling apps and a flipboard.
  4. Electronista Gadgets for geeks are focused on in this blog from the Macintosh News Network. In addition to learning more about the iPhone, they feature all sorts of other Apple products.
  5. Appstore HQ Get the latest in reviews for apps for your iPhone and iPad here. Choose from the most popular, newest reviewed, or by category.
  6. TiPb This blog is a popular choice for featuring user guides, how-to’s, a forum, podcasts, and much more. They also have an online store that is currently offering free shipping.
  7. iSource In addition the iPhone and iPad, you can also get entries for the Apple TV and other Mac products here. Tips and tricks are also a standout feature.
  8. iSmashPhone If you are ready to crack open your iPhone to make the most of it, stop here. The blog specializes in iPhone tips, tricks, hacks, and cracks.
  9. Apple iPhone School Treat your iPhone like the educational tool it is in this blog. Hacks, MOD, media, accessories, and much more are all treated like online lessons.

Top Mobile Gadget Blogs for 2011

If you have another form of smart phone, there is loads about it below.

  1. Phones Review Get the user’s choice in phones on this blog. From the U.K., they offer news on every brand of phone from BlackBerry to Sony.
  2. Tech N’ Marketing This is a leading technology news site. They also offer this special section for the mobile and another one for the iPhone
  3. iPod Touch Hacks Another popular mobile device, learn the latest in hacks for it with a visit here. Top posts include jailbreak and how to use SSH.
  4. Mobile Crunch Actively discussed posts here include Honeycomb SDK and Verizon data plans. You can also choose news by tech, gadgets, and more.
  5. Daily Wireless Get daily news on the latest in mobile gadgets, plans, and more here. They even offer the top 100 stories of the decade.
  6. Muni Wireless Wi-Fi, LTE, and broadband news are what this blog focuses on. New developments in networks and plans are also featured.
  7. Mobile Marketing Watch Is 2011 the year of the smartphone? These and other mobile questions are asked and answered on the blog.
  8. Hungry Mobile Blog Jan Rezab is a mobile enthusiast who loves to discuss the area of technology. Opinions, reviews, and other items of interest are discussed.
  9. Mobile Opportunity This blog is at the intersection of the web, wireless, entertainment, and computing. The opportunities that result and opinions often follow.

Top Gaming Gadget Blogs for 2011

Learn the latest on mobile gaming and gadgets in these blogs.

  1. Pocket Gamer Get the latest information on game releases and reviews for mobile devices on this blog. From the U.K., they offer tons of entries on every gaming system from phones to major makers.
  2. Finger Gaming They feature news, reviews, and analysis on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad games. There are also many other gaming blogs to choose from.
  3. No Dpad Stop here for news, reviews, previews, and even editorials on gaming gadgets. They also have games of the month and much more to choose from.
  4. Touch Reviews With touch being the new thing in gaming, stop here. The blog features loads of reviews on the best in touch gaming on the iPad and other similar devices.
  5. Slide to Play Visit here for information on game cheats, news, and even price drops. They recently featured the “Five Best Games You Can’t Buy Anymore.”
  6. Touch Arcade Keep in touch with the best in iPhone gaming here. New releases are often featured as well as price drops.
  7. Best Gaming Headset If you need a headset for your mobile gaming, stop here. The best in this type of gadgetry is often featured and reviewed.

Top Specialty Gadget Blogs for 2011

Get the best of the rest in gadgets by checking out the below.

  1. Retro Thing This is an independent vintage gadget website run by a team of renegades based in Calgary and Chicago. Each month, they present a never-ending stream of classic and almost-classic gizmos and books. A look at the first computer was recently featured.
  2. Slashgear Need your gadgets on the cheap? Then check out this site, which has the usual reviews, along with many price points.
  3. Automated Home Learn how to turn your home into something out of “The Jetsons” with the help of this gadget blog. Not only do they include product reviews, but there are also guides and podcasts with much more.
  4. eHome Upgrade Similar to the above, this blog focuses on gadgets for the home. Recent ones include mobile internet and streaming movies.
  5. Great Demo! Because gadgets can also include software, there is this blog. Peter Cohan helps organizations demonstrate their software at its best and shows how and which in his blog.
  6. Notebooks Learn more about laptop and other mobile computers in this blog. Deals, news, reviews, and much more are all included.
  7. Liliputing Learn all about the gadget art of compact computing here. The Windows 7 Tablet was recently reviewed.
  8. Hacked Gadgets Don’t just own gadgets, hack them with the help of this blog. There is also a forum with more.
  9. USB Powered Gadgets Use your computers USB connections to their full potential with this blog. Tutorials, news, and reviews are all offered.
  10. Walyou This blog focuses not only on the coolest gadgets, but the coolest looking ones. Latest entries include the best iPod docks and amazing liquor dispensers.
  11. Gadgets from China Because the West isn’t the only area obsessed with gadgets, stop here. They focus on the latest and greatest in gadgets from China.

No matter what your fixation or budget, there is something of use and in your price range in the above top 100 gadget blogs. You can also use them to utilize your existing gadgets, shop for new ones, or just get the latest news.

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Comments Off on The Importance of Reading

I don’t recall any favorite toys I had as a child; rather, my oldest memories are of me as a six year old digging into a cupboard in our library, looking for books to read. Books were my constant companions as I journeyed through childhood and grew into adulthood. They taught me more than I could ever hope to learn at school or college, and they are the reason I am what I am today. If it were not for my voracious reading habit, I don’t think I would be able to survive today as a writer. That being said, let me proceed to elaborate on why I think reading must form a part of every child’s life:

  1. It enriches vocabulary: The more you read, the more your language improves. It’s important that children learn grammar and spelling correctly, especially in today’s world where texting lingo, removal of vowels, and using your own shortened spellings is considered the “in” thing, and books are the best and most natural way to get further acquainted with any language. When you read a wide and varied set of authors, your vocabulary becomes richer and you become a better conversationalist.
  2. It promotes curiosity: When you read a little, it piques your interest and you want to read more. Reading is an addiction for those who fall in love with books; it makes you curious about things; it makes you want to learn more and more. When you come across words that you don’t know the meaning of or phrases and technology/methods/processes that you don’t understand, your first instinct is to look up the meaning. When a child’s curiosity is boosted, it promotes the development of knowledge.
  3. It enhances knowledge: There’s no doubting the fact that the more you read, the more you know. When knowledge grows, you feel more confident about yourself and you’re more in control of your world. Also, when you get into the habit of reading, your thirst for knowledge increases and you want to broaden the repertoire of books you read. People who are well read know more about people, places and cultures even though they’ve never travelled; they understand methods and technology even though they’ve never really used them; and they often know more about science and history even though they don’t have master’s degrees.
  4. It boosts creativity: When a child reads, it fosters creativity and takes their mind to a totally different world. They are able to become one with the story and relate to it completely. This allows them to develop their own creativity and use what they read to become good writers too. It’s the children who are fond of reading who also ace their essays because they have the natural gift for composing a story and narrating it the way it must be told.

So if your child does not read, now is a good time to start encouraging them to do so. The rewards reading provides are too great to pass up.  

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There is a downside to technology, one that all of us are aware of today. There’s no doubting the fact that the advancements in this field have made life easier and more convenient for all of us, but when not used responsibly, technology can become a weapon rather than the useful tool it is. So you can imagine how difficult things could get when school children are allowed to use technology – without adequate supervision and constant monitoring, there is the potential for danger. They could give out sensitive information that allow their parents’ identities to be taken over and their homes robbed, they could become the victim of online stalkers and pedophiles who lurk in chat-rooms and online forums and pretend to be children, and they could so easily become addicted to online activities that are not good for them.

It’s up to the school and its staff to do whatever they can to prevent technology from being misused, and although it is an uphill task, it can be done by:

  1. Educating the children of the dangers of technology: Most kids don’t know what they’re getting into when they go online and are not careful about who they interact with and what information they provide. And unless they’re made aware of the various kinds of dangers that are lurking on the Internet, they’re likely to make mistakes that could even get them killed. So before you introduce technology in the classroom, educate the children on the dos and don’ts of using technology, and in particular, the Internet.
  2. Training the staff in technology: It’s a known fact today that kids take to technology like ducks to water. They adapt to it faster than adults who often find it hard to fit into a world that is alien to the one they grew up in. So it’s only natural that teachers are all at sea when it comes to technology and don’t know what the kids are up to when they say they’re researching their homework online. To get around this loophole, it’s best to educate teachers and train them in the ways of the online world so that they’re able to deal with their students and know right from wrong in online behavior.
  3. Allowing them access to only what’s necessary: If they’re accessing the web at school, you could allow them to visit only certain sites that are educative and relevant to their lessons. It’s easy enough to use your server to block access to email, instant messengers and social networks which could distract them from their work and also get them into other kinds of trouble.
  4. Monitoring their usage: And above all this, monitor their usage in a controlled environment so that they’re not tempted to do things that they’re not supposed to do. Children will be children, which is why they’ll try to hoodwink you at every turn. But if you’re able to second-guess them and see what they’re up to, you’re saving them from a great deal of trouble.

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In the olden days, fortune telling was relegated to a lone woman, probably in a head scarf, staring into a crystal ball and speaking in a heavy accent. Nowadays, the world of fortune telling has grown into psychics, card readers, astrologers, and much more. Those who are interested in learning more about this world now have a better alternative than wandering the streets looking for a fortune teller.

Below, we have gathered the top 50 fortune teller blogs. They range from those written by professional psychics to those with a passion for the stars. You can even find headlines from across the world, a few of which even may read “psychic wins lottery.”

Top Magic Fortune Teller Blogs

Whether you spell it with a “k” or as in the above, magic remains a large part of fortune telling and is written about more below.

    1. iTricks

    Get the latest in magic news by stopping here. A range of choices from entries as podcasts to a video channel are all offered. You can also get raves and Frequency Live.

    2. All Things Healing

    Visit here to get an online community for healing mind, body, spirit, and planet. Choices include everything from acupuncture to yoga. There are also items on psycho-spiritual and psycho-therapy.

    3. Magic Unlimited

    Follow the adventures of a pair of married magicians here. Tim and Sue Anne Webster offer interesting magic related items such as how to learn a trick a day. They also include reviews of other magic related items.

    4. Law and Magic

    This blogger is a legal professor who teaches media law, gender and the law, entertainment law, torts and privacy law, and comparative law. With a series of essays on the law and magic published, it is where the name of the blog came from. Thoughts on magic in the news if often discussed.

    5. Why am I Stuck in Magician Hell?

    Bizarro shares rants and raves from the state of the magic world itself on this blog. Random thoughts, stuff he likes, and stuff he doesn’t often find themselves topics of posts. With archives dating back to 2003, make time for this blog.

    6. Dave’s Modern Magic

    Want to know more about an item before you purchase? Then check out Dave Hill’s blog. His goal is to chronicle his journey through the magical world, mostly texts, and bring recommendations to his readers.

    7. Magic Words

    Anyone can say “abra-cadabra,” but how many know what it means? The Eccentric Scholar does and teaches on the blog. It is a resource for magicians and fortune tellers of all kinds to explore the most intriguing magic words and phrases from around the world.

Top Card Fortune Teller Blogs

These bloggers use cards as part of their fortune telling.

    8. Tarot Elements

    Choose from astrology, journeys, personal development, and more on this blog. They also have specific entries on Tarot cards and news. Recent posts were on forgiveness and reflection.

    9. The Tarot Lady

    Theresa has nearly 30 years’ worth of experience in reading Tarot cards. Also a published expert, she hosts a blog radio show of the same name. Stop by to get readings and tips, as well as other topics.

    10. New Post Cards from the Edge

    This blogger used to be fascinated with all kinds of things such as astrology, numerology, Reiki, and crystal healing. She then found a calling in Tarot and now shares metaphysical and astrological musings in her blog. One of the latest is on the Moon in Pisces.

    11. 78 Notes to Self

    Get a Tarot journal on this blog. You can even read the 78 notes the blogger wrote to themselves. Recent posts are on a karmic wrist slap.

    12. Tarot Dame

    Readings by Kiki are the focus here. Spreads, reviews, and even a free e-zine are also offered. She recently did a reading on her mom and shares more.

    13. Mary K. Greer’s Tarot Blog
    She has made Tarot her life work. Check here for reports of goings-on in the Tarot world, articles on the history and practice of tarot, and reviews. You can even get a glossary on the blog.

    14. Tarot Eon

    Visit here for a tutorial, tips, and techniques on Tarot. Quick tips such as how to interpret certain cards are often shared. You can also get expert advice on the blog.

    15. Learning the Tarot

    If ready to stop reading and start learning, click here. It is a simple, online guide for learning about Tarot cards. It is also where you can find an online course on the practice.

Top Psychic Fortune Teller Blogs

Also called psychics, these blogs have more on fortune telling and related items.

    16. A State of Mind

    Get an online guide to psychic development and a few related things here. Topics include psychic development, physics, the paranormal, and even Norse runes. They even offer tutorials for those who suspect they have psychic abilities.

    17. Joseph Tittel

    He is a spiritual medium and author of “Messages from the Other Side.” Many of the current entries are on predictions for the New Year. You can also check out a podcast from him.

    18. Health Mind Spirit News

    Jim Casa gives psychic readings from Melbourne, Australia. Topics are on everything from love and romance to career. His blog also contains thoughts on the industry and current events.

    19. Psychics

    This page contains information the Rick A. Ross Institute has gathered about psychics. Loads of entries are on psychic scams, crime solving, and psychic tweets. The main site has more on the topic.

    20. Bad Psychics

    Had a bad experience with a psychic or fortune teller? Then stop here to get a host of message posts and threads on the topic. Choose from topics such as unexplained mysteries, psychics and the law, and even a Big Bad Psychics list.

    21. Psychic Guild Blog

    Get all sorts of psychic options on this blog. Choices include astrology and horoscopes, Chinese horoscopes, and clairvoyance. They also gather news on psychic happenings.

    22. Scientific Psychic

    Learn how science and psychic science combine on this blog. It is intended to expand your mind, improve your body, and have some fun. Options include personality, paranormal, fitness, and even puzzles.

    23. Psychic Junkie

    This blog collects psychic related news from around the world and brings them to one place here. Choices include your psychic stories, recommendations, past lives, and much more. A recent entry was actually on a psychic winning the lottery.

    24. Medium Channel

    If you’re ready to stop reading and start being read, stop here. They offer psychic mediums, channels, and healers all on one site. Best of all you can check out the best reviewed psychics and even start free before choosing one.

Top Astrology Fortune Teller Blogs

See how the stars align in these fortune telling blogs.

    25. Real Astrologers

    Whether you’re looking for personal astrology services, the latest news about what’s happening in the sky, or a place to connect with kindred spirits, this blog offers it all. Choose to get a consultation or learn about astrology books and gifts. You can also check out the blog which has a weekly forecast, along with other astrology topics.

    26. Planet Waves

    Eric Francis features daily astrology and adventures on his blog. Tidbits such as what is a Natal Chart and what Eric wants for his clients are offered. There are also many guest posts by other astrologers.

    27. The Astrology Blog

    Need to chat with Elsa about something? That is one of the many options on her blog, which also include consultations by phone or email. In addition to regular entries, you can also check out the boards and get a Transit Watch.

    28. Astrology Mundo

    Monica is from Germany where she discovered astrology in 1973 after reading “Sun Signs.” She began this blog in 2008, where she found a supportive network. She now uses it to comment on everything from the world of finance to royalty with an astrological point of view.

    29. Big Sky Astrology

    Unique topics such as wedding dates and the moon can be found here. Blog posts are also on items such as luck, vengeance, and other related topics. Be sure not to miss the podcast with more.

    30. Julie Demboski’s Astrology

    She recently offered JUNO, which explores natal and relationship meanings. You can also get the blog for the latest in news and thoughts by sign and placement.

    31. Celebrity Astrologer Neil D. Paris

    Get astrology just like your favorite actors and musicians do at this blog. He is an astrologer, coach, and radio host from Boulder Creek, California. He focuses his blog on the “voyage of Now through the past present future lens of planetary positions.”

    32. The Horoscopic Astrology Blog

    Go beyond the “what’s your sign?” question on this blog. It contains a history and philosophy of astrology, tips and guides, and even book reviews. Featured articles often include items such as “Ten Tips for Learning Astrology.”

    33. Planetary Energies

    Lara currently writes a weekly astrology update. From Southwest England, she offers astrological consultations. She also includes lectures online.

    34. Holistic Astrologer Blog

    Hiroki is a professional astrologer residing in Tampa Bay, Florida. He is a graduate of the Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl, a long time practitioner of an Eastern meditation. Learn how to discover yourself through his brand of astrology on the blog.

Top Specialty Fortune Teller Blogs

These fortune tellers and their blogs fall into a category of their own.

    35. Visible by Numbers

    Alison is a numerologist and uses this form of math in her fortune telling. Check out her blog to get thoughts, predictions, and more. She also offers monthly forecasts and radio options on the blog.

    36. Creative Numerology

    Similar to the above, click here for another blog on numerology. Weekly readings, thoughts, and more are shared. A recent entry was on numerology and extremes.

    37. John Edward

    Not the former presidential candidate, this is the official home of the psychic medium who claims to be able to contact the dead. Visit here for videos, thoughts, and even learn how you can get a private reading with him. You can also see where he will be appearing on the site.

    38. Sasstrology

    See how sex, love, relationships, and astrology combine here. Members blog on everything from celebrity news to horoscopes. There are also options for live readings, eBooks, and even a free report.

    39. Love Your Design

    Kim Gould is from Australia where she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. After looking to several types of medicine, she found the Human Design System. She now dedicates this blog to that and shares more on it.

    40. Joyce Hopewll

    She is a Principal Emeritus of and Tutor for the Astrological Psychology Association in the UK. With over 23 years’ experience to draw on, she helps people understand more about how they tick from a deep motivational level. The Jupiter/Uranus conjunction was recently discussed.

    41. Learning Curve on the Ecliptic

    See how astrology affects art, music, writing, politics, and life on this blog. Twilight is a British born fan of astrology living in the U.S. who is drawn to the subject. Music Monday is often a popular choice.

    42. The Weather Alternative

    What does the weather have in common with fortune telling? Visit this blog to find out. Long range forecasts and predictions are often featured. Inspirational thoughts and poems are also included by the blogger.

    43. Year Seer

    Numerology, astrology, and Tarot all combine in this blog. You can get useful guides on the magical association of numbers and your personal cycle and life path. The blog also offers helpful handouts.

    44. Auntie Moon

    Similar to the above, this blog discusses the same topics. It also offers many videos on the subject, including a talk from TED on vulnerability. There are even unique choices such as gardening by the moon and cooking with astrology.

Top Skeptic Fortune Teller Blogs

Think the above is a bunch of fertilizer? Then check out the blogs of skeptics who also have alternative to alternative views.

    45. Skeptic

    This blog uses skepticism to promote science and critical thinking. Topics include geology, podcasts, and even a special section for junior skeptics. A recent blog entry was on why we get fat.

    46. The Weekly Magic Failure

    See what happens when magic goes wrong on this blog. It includes a weekly entry on a magic or fortune telling trick went wrong. You can even get tips on how not to appear on the blog.

    47. Bad Science

    Dr. Ben Goldacre often analyzes science gone wrong in the media. Check out his blog for the latest. Putting numbers into perspective was the topic of a latest post.

    48. Skepchick

    Unlike the name suggests, the blog is actually written by several women and one man. Its focus is science, skepticism, and pseudoscience. Comments are often vast, and you can get more on the podcasts.

    49. Metamagician and the Hellfire Club

    Russell Blackford is many things including a writer, philosopher, and critic. From Australia, he discusses human and posthuman failure. See which topics made the blog with a visit.

    50. Skeptic Blog

    “The Skeptologists” is a pilot skeptical reality show. The blog is a collaboration among some of the most recognized names in promoting science, critical thinking, and skepticism. Recent posts are on God and the astronomers and even a scientific wine test.

Remember that while the above top 50 fortune teller blogs are full of advice, use caution whenever following it. Fortune tellers, psychics, astrologers, and the like are not licensed to give financial advice, medical diagnosis, or other information that could greatly change your life.

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Comments Off on 100 Recipes for the Ultimate Bacon Lover

Bacon lovers tend to have an affinity for bacon in nearly anything. Bacon has taken a major front seat in the culinary world and is being implemented in ways we never thought of before, like bacon bread and bacon with chocolate. If you’re searching for a crowd pleasing recipe for any time of day, be sure it includes bacon and use the good stuff – no one wants to here they’re having scallops wrapped in bacon only to discover it’s turkey bacon.

New Ways to Cook Up Bacon

Fried bacon is the go-to for most of us and many even bake it up for ultra crispy slices. Here’s new recipes for putting a spin on basic bacon.

  1. Praline Bacon Recipe
    Give bacon an extra bite with the help of chopped pralines.
  2. Japanese Bacon Tempura
    Flour and fry bacon for major crispiness with a salty finish.
  3. Breaded Bacon
    This crispy bacon has plenty of pepper for a kick.
  4. Brown Sugar Glazed Bacon
    Brown sugar adds subtle sweetness to morning bacon.
  5. Sweet and Spicy Bacon
    This recipe creates the flavors we all love using brown sugar and cayenne pepper.
  6. Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Glazed Bacon
    Sweet bacon gets sweeter with this delightful recipe that’s as easy to cook as plain bacon.
  7. Mango Glazed Bacon
    All you need is three ingredients to dress up your bacon for your next backyard barbecue.
  8. Lacquered Bacon
    Bacon gets sweet and spicy with this simple recipe.
  9. Lacquered Chinese Bacon
    Chinese bacon can be purchased online and then dolled up in your very own kitchen.
  10. Oven Baked Pepper Bacon Recipe
    Coarse pepper adds a zip to basic bacon.
  11. Spicy Oven Roasted Bacon
    Bacon gets a kick from cayenne, cumin and chili powder and is roasted.
  12. Sticky Pig Candy Stripes
    Regular bacon is fried up to make these fun”pig candy stripes.”
  13. How to Cook Bacon in the Oven
    If you’re only making bacon on the stove top, here’s the way to get crisp bacon by the mega batch.
  14. Red Chili and Sugar Cured Bacon
    Indulge in this showstopping snack of bacon dipped in red chili and sugar.
  15. Late Night Bacon Recipe
    Because sometimes we have a bacon craving when wandering in at 2AM and have no patience to pull out a frying pan. Also a great technique for kids in dorm rooms suffering of no real cooking appliances.

Bacon Recipes for Breakfast

Some days yogurt and granola work and on other days, you want a hearty breakfast that packs major flavor by way of bacon.

  1. Heart Attack Eggs
    The name says it all. Frying up eggs in bacon will make you wonder why you ever ate them any other way (though we don’t recommend eating this regularly).
  2. Breakfast Tart with Pancetta and Green Onions
    Pancetta or plain ol’ bacon can be used in this recipe that’s ideal for brunch.
  3. Bacon and Egg Breakfast Bake
    This recipe creates a quick quiche that every breakfast lover will enjoy.
  4. Bacon Cheddar Waffles
    Bacon unites with the flavor of buttery cheddar and fluffy waffles for a breakfast you’ll make again and again.
  5. Overnight Bacon Casserole
    Get this ready the night before and in the morning, simply back and fill your kitchen with the scent of bacon.
  6. French Toast and Canadian Bacon Breakfast Sandwiches
    This recipe calls for Canadian bacon, which bacon afficionados know is more along the lines of American ham than bacon. Equally delicious!
  7. Breakfast Pizza
    Get the ooey gooey goodness of pizza with all of your favorite breakfast ingredients, including bacon.
  8. Bacon and Eggs Pie
    Ready-made puff pastry cradles the classic breakfast duo.
  9. Oven Baked Frittata with Bacon
    We’re all about a frittata and it just happens to be a dish were bacon can shine dearly.
  10. Apple and Bacon Swedish Pancakes
    Sweet apples and savory bacon collide in this fantastic recipe for pancakes.
  11. California Bacon Muffins
    We would consume these muffins any time of day, but for a brunch or noshing on with a plain scrambled egg, they’re especially tasty.
  12. Country Brunch Skillet
    We prefer thick cubes of bacon from a butcher for this recipe which can be whipped up in one skillet.
  13. A Twist on Bacon and Eggs
    This recipe calls for a muffin tin concocted of bacon to hold your eggs and hot sauce.
  14. Pancakes with Bacon and Caramelized Bananas
    Sweet meets salty with this delicious pancake recipe that is perfect for celebrations like an anniversary or birthday.
  15. Bacon and Potatoes Scone Recipe
    Apparently, this recipe is from a restaurant called Checkers. We don’t care where it came from considering it’s a recipe for savory scones that can be served at an elegant brunch, while still getting your bacon fix.

Side Recipes with Bacon

Sides can get boring, so what better way to add a little (or a lot of) oomph than with bacon?

  1. Iceberg Wedge with Warm Bacon and Bleu Cheese Dressing
    Classic flavors unite in this simple salad recipe.
  2. The Bacon Bowl
    If you need something imaginative and tasty to serve a salad or ground meat dish, try the bacon bowl.
  3. Bacon Wrapped Tater Tots
    Bacon adds additional crunch to fried tater tots.
  4. Creamed Spinach with Bacon
    Sometimes you have to get the greens in, but this recipe allows you to add heavy cream and bacon. You’ll hardly remember you’re consuming a vegetable!
  5. English Bacon and Cheddar Bread
    Cheesy bread is packed with bacon for a delicious side or late night snack.
  6. Yummy 7 Layer Salad
    Save the best for last. Bacon tops this layered salad for a salty punch.
  7. Bacon Water Chestnut Wraps
    This classic recipe is a hit at baby showers and birthday parties.
  8. Bacon Macaroni and Cheese
    Macaroni and cheese is a favorite for many. Here it is with a bacon twist that we love to devour.
  9. Sweet Corn Succotash
    This deliciously light salad has sweet corn and bacon, making it a favorite side for serving at get-togethers.
  10. Peas with Fennel and Bacon
    You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how well bacon marries with peas and fennel.
  11. Cabbage Cauliflower Salad
    This cooked veggie salad has the flavor of bacon to make you gobble it by the bowlful.
  12. BBQ Beans
    In the South, beans regularly accompany barbecue feasts and these would fit in at any Sunday festivity.
  13. Crunchy Asian Pea Salad with Honeyed Bacon
    This easy-to-make salad has plenty of fresh greens to stand up to the bacon.
  14. Bacon and Bok Choy Potstickers
    Prepare to indulge in these potstickers, which are fit for an appetizer or side.
  15. Spicy Green Beans with Bacon and Tomatoes
    Another Southern classic, this recipe calls for spicy hints and tomatoes.

Main Dish Recipes with Bacon

Bacon works best with chicken and seafood, but who doesn’t love a hefty portion of it on a juicy burger? Here’s a look at the ultimate bacon recipes featuring our beloved salty friend in the main course.

  1. Sweet and Spicy Bacon Chicken
    Wrap chicken in bacon and it instantly becomes a hit among the kids.
  2. Bacon and Cheese Chicken
    Get the crock pot going for this can’t-miss bacon recipe that practically cooks itself!
  3. Stir Fried Bacon with Bamboo Shoot
    Wake up your taste buds with this Chinese recipe that uses bacon, red chiles and garlic. Apparently it’s a breakfast dish, but we’d eat it any time of day.
  4. Spaghetti Carbonara
    Let the bacon shine in this pasta dish by buying it in thick slices and cubing it.
  5. Momofuku Ramen Broth
    This isn’t your basic Ramen noodle recipe, so prepare to be wowed.
  6. Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp
    Serve this staple bacon recipe on its own or alongside barbecue.
  7. Penne with Shrimp and Bacon
    We’d use whole grain penne in this recipe, which has a hearty flavor that can hang with the shrimp and bacon combination.
  8. Superlicious Bacon Mushroom Pasta
    Bacon, garlic and parmesan cheese make this pasta the perfect winter dinner.
  9. Roast Chicken with Bacon Sage Stuffing
    Sage and bacon are an unexpected pair that will delightfully surprise your dinner guests.
  10. Bacon Wrapped Chicken
    This chicken and bacon recipe is simple to pull off and can be made with ingredients you probably already have in the kitchen.
  11. Cheddar ‘n Bacon Stuffed Chicken Breasts
    Skinless, boneless chicken breasts are boring until you stuff them with cheese and bacon.
  12. Chicken and Bacon Kabobs
    This recipe may sound run-of-the-mill, but a soy sauce-based glaze for the chicken provides a great match for bacon.
  13. Chicken Bacon Burgers
    Classic chicken and bacon burgers get an upgrade with a mango chutney topping.
  14. Bacon Honey Mustard Chicken
    Chicken and honey mustard are a classic pair and bacon adds that extra touch.
  15. Bucatini All Amatricana
    This recipe puts bucatini swimming in bacon and red chile flakes for major flavor.

Bacon on Pizza Recipes

Bacon fanatics know that it’s the finishing touch on any good slice of pizza pie.

  1. Family Night Pizza
    This pizza is made on dinner rolls and can easily be whipped up noon or night.
  2. Potato Bacon Pizza
    Thin layers of potatoes with bits of bacon make this pizza one you have to try.
  3. Bacon Pizza
    Some bacon afficionados want their bacon nestled beneath a dense layer of cheese for the ultimate bacon pizza.
  4. Canadian Bacon Recipe
    Canadian bacon and dried herbs make this pizza a winner every time.
  5. Stuffed Crust Bacon Pizza
    What’s better than cheese stuffed in the crust of a flaky pizza? Bacon! Learn how to make this genius recipe and release your inner bacon maniac.
  6. Tomato Bacon Pizza
    You’ll go nuts for this super fresh pizza that just happens to be topped with slices of bacon.
  7. Barbeque Chicken Pizza with Whole Wheat Crust
    Don’t let the whole wheat crust scare you away. This pizza is chock full of bacon and cheese goodness.
  8. Gorgonzola, Fig, Carmelized Onion and Bacon Pizza
    This video shows you exactly how to make this pizza, including the dough from scratch, which provides a stellar backdrop for bacon.
  9. Avacado Blue Cheese and Bacon Pizza
    Bacon has a pleasant light quality in this fresh pizza.
  10. Chicken Bacon Pizza
    If you love a hefty pizza packed with meat and cheese, this is your recipe.
  11. Bacon Pizza
    A no non-sense recipe for a basic bacon pie (that doesn’t mean it’s boring!).
  12. Scallop and Bacon Recipe
    Scallops and bacon are a traditional pair, but how about piling them on top of pizza?
  13. Halloumi Cheese and Bacon Pizza
    If you consider basic cheese and bacon pizza child’s play, try this recipe with bits of halloumi for a note of cheesy goodness your taste buds may not be familiar with.
  14. Chicken Bacon Stuffed Pizza Rolls
    Various cheeses, ranch dressing, chicken and bacon join forces for the ultimate game-day treat.
  15. Blue Cheese and Bacon Recipe
    This bacon pizza recipe gets major flavor from the bechamel sauce that’s woven throughout.

Bacon Dessert Recipes

As of late, bacon has become a trendy ingredient for ice cream, candy and cakes.

  1. Bacon Desserts
    Two super simple recipes that allow you to try the sweet side of bacon without breaking a sweat.
  2. Chocolate-Covered Bacon with Almonds
    Salty, sweet, crunchy…prepare to be charmed by this easy recipe.
  3. Bacon Chocolate Crunch Bar
    Get major crunch from this modified recipe that’s easier to pull off in your kitchen.
  4. Peanut Butter Bacon Cookies
    We’re addicted to this baking blog in general, but we love that the blogger was crazy enough to throw diced bacon into her peanut butter cookies. Yum!
  5. Dark Chocolate Bacon Cupcakes
    Dark chocolate and a hint of coffee flavor are an ideal canvas for adding salty bacon.
  6. Maple and Bacon Cookies
    We all know how genius maple syrup and bacon are for breakfast, now roll it into a cookie for snacking any time of the day.
  7. Candied Bacon Ice Cream
    Bacon gets glazed and then chopped to be blended with homemade ice cream.
  8. Maple Bacon Biscuits
    Munch on these bacon biscuits whenever the mood strikes, but the maple sweetness is perfect for pairing with a cup of coffee for a light dessert.
  9. Bacon Doughnuts
    Doughnuts are indulgent enough, but top ‘em with bacon and you have the ultimate guilty pleasure.
  10. Maple Bacon Cupcakes
    The combination of maple and bacon always works and the cool maple frosting adds extra sweetness.
  11. Chocolate Bread Pudding with Bacon Creme Anglase
    A fabulous chocolate bread pudding gets a savory hint with a bacon-induced anglase. Genius!
  12. Chocolate Creme with Caramelized Banana, Bacon and Burnt Milk Ice Cream
    Have some cooking experience under your belt before tackling this ornate dessert that sounds so good, it hurts.
  13. Pecan Brown Sugar and Bacon Ice Cream
    This ice cream recipe mixes up pecans, brown sugar and bacon for the ultimate flavor that says the South in a less than conventional way.
  14. Bacon Creme Brulee
    There are no words. Again, this is one that takes some know-how in the kitchen, but not so difficult you should skip it. Serve this at a dinner party and you’ll have folks wanting to come over every day.
  15. Maple Bacon Cinnamon Rolls
    Another bacon recipe we’d happily eat whatever time of day we could get our hands on it. These cinnamon rolls are a great recipe to pull out around the holidays when everyone else is serving up boring pies.

Fun Recipes with Bacon

There’s no specific theme here, so let your imagination run wild. Here’s a list of fun recipes to make with bacon.

  1. Bacon Candy
    This bacon is dipped in chocolate for a mix of sweet and salty.
  2. Bacon Queso Fundido
    This bacon cheese dip will be the first to go at your next party.
  3. Spinach Cheese Strata
    This frittata-like recipe can be served for breakfast or brunch and gives you a little veggies with your bacon.
  4. Bacon Rum Milkshake
    This bacon drink recipe sounds so out there, it just may be a homerun.
  5. Bacon Bloody Mary
    With bacon sprinkled throughout breakfast and brunch entrees, it’s no wonder it finally popped up in this Sunday morning favorite.
  6. Bacon Horse Radish-Stuffed Mushrooms
    Every other appetizer can go home once you taste these fabulous stuffed mushrooms that are plenty spicy and salty.
  7. Bacon Polenta
    Crimini mushrooms and thyme are a match for bacon polenta, which is a superb side dish that can be cooked in large batches and frozen for eating later in the week.
  8. Bacon Cheese Bacon Burger
    This is far from your typical bacon cheeseburger. The writer uses a food processor to ground bacon and mix with the beef for the ultimate fusion of the classic burger.
  9. Bacon Stuffed Pork Chops
    Pork chops get loads of extra flavor after being coiled with bacon.
  10. Bacon Martini
    The flavors in a martini practically beg for bacon. Why didn’t we think of this? This recipe is extra yum due to the dash of Tabasco.

Bacon has a timeless flavor that can work morning, noon and night. If your family doesn’t eat bacon every day, you can still buy it in packs at the grocery store and freeze it in portions, using wax paper. While we can’t indulge in the greasy stuff every day, it’s a treat that will never disappoint when you do decide to eat it.

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Whether you know and love it as “theater” or “theatre,” the art of performances on stage stretches all the way back to the days of the Greeks. From the days of men playing women to state of the art sound systems, the technology and basic rules may have changed but the spirit of the theater remains the same, as is the spirit of those who love it.

No matter if you love it from the seat, the spotlight, or behind the stage, you are sure to find loads of news, information, gossip, and much more on the below 50 best blogs for theater enthusiasts. They can help you pick out a show, read an opposing viewpoint, or just make you feel as if you shared in their experience.

Best Blogs for Theater Enthusiasts by a Group

Two or more theater lovers gather on these blogs.

  1. Theatermania : This is the blog for theater everywhere. Latest news and reviews can be found by the stage load on the front page. You can also find discount tickets, trivia, and tons to keep you occupied.
  2. Wing Blog : The American Theatre Wing is the founder of the Tony Awards. They also have programs for theater enthusiasts in addition to an expert blog. Be sure to check out Theater References with more.
  3. Theatre Blog : The experts at “The Guardian” gather here to discuss theater. An excellent choice for theater enthusiasts for and from across the pond. Current hot topics include Ann Boleyn and arrogance in theater.
  4. About Last Night : This is a blog about the arts in New York City and the rest of America. Written by Terry Teachout, Laura Demanski, and Carrie Frye, the first is a drama critic for “The Wall Street Journal.” They not only feature the best of the stage, but also page and music as well. See what they recommend all across the country here.
  5. Play Blog : Visit here for a blog by the staff of Various writers stop in to post about their favorite subject. You can also choose from many other sections on news, listings, castings, jobs, and more.
  6. Theater Loop : Chris Jones and “The Chicago Tribune” weigh in on theater happenings here. News, criticism, and even the occasional bit of juicy gossip is featured. The occasional commentary is also featured.
  7. Upstaged : The world of theater is edited by David Cote here. Part of Time Out NY, features include a theater news roundup, breakout actors, casting, and more. There are also many other art related blogs.
  8. NY Theatre : Read the newest reviews on the right hand column including many well and lesser known entries. The blog also has theater information, listings, and reviews.

Best Blogs for Theater Enthusiasts from Someone Behind the Curtains

These theater professionals operate behind the scenes.

  1. Inside Track : “Playbill” magazine editor Blake Ross is the author of this blog. “The Week Ahead” is often a topic of blog entries, where he explores the newest in comings and goings. Off topic posts are also occasionally included.
  2. Brian Dickie : He is the general director of the Chicago Opera Theater. Daily life and theater happenings are often the topic of posts. You can also get an expert behind the scenes look at a major theater with just a visit.
  3. The Playgoer : Stop here for “the musings of a dramaturg without the portfolio.” This blogger frequents playhouses and dramatic performances and often writes about them. Musings on the business, the politics of the business, and more are discussed.
  4. The Next Stage : Simon is a founding member and writer-in-residence of Lyric Stage Project. He has been producing, directing, and acting in independent stage productions for a while now and is a huge theater enthusiast. Be sure not to miss The Art of the Business or The Interview Series with loads more.
  5. Butts in the Seats : The blog is authored by the theater manager of a presenting venue. With a graduate degree in theater management, experience spans LORT, Shakespeare, and even professor. Visit for musings on practical solutions for art management.
  6. 99 Seats : Get rants, raves, rage, and righteous theater thought all in one place here. A formerly anonymous playwright stops to blog about life both inside and outside of the theater. One of the latest entries was on an occupational hazard.
  7. Kul : Aaron Riccio is a creative writer, critic, and editor. He has no trouble sharing his opinions on theater via the blog. Many topics include a “short-a-day” usually on a story he likes.

Best Blogs for Theater Enthusiasts With a Twist

These blogs work in other topics in addition to theater.

  1. Createquity : This is a unique virtual think tank exploring the intersection of the arts with a wide range of topics including politics, economics, philanthropy, leadership, research, and urban planning. Ian David Moss is the founder and began this blog while studying at the Yale School of Management. Popular posts include “Generation Y and the Problem of Entitlement” and “Economics Myths.”
  2. Arts Beat : Get “the culture at large” in this blog. Written by “The New York Times,” they are devoted to culture news and reviews. It features breaking stories in theater, as well as literature, important figures, and more on the arts.
  3. The Wicket Twist : Rob Weinert-Kendt is an editor at “American Theater Magazine.” Get your theater fix with a dash of news here. Travels, recommendations, and music are all included.
  4. Parabasis : The blog began in 2003 as a way for Isaac Butler to express his love of theater. It has now grown into a much beloved and top theater blog. Politics of theater are often mused on, along with the latest happenings.
  5. Jersey Boys Blog : If you enjoy this play, you will enjoy the blog dedicated to it. The blogger also focuses on the music of Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons. A recent entry was a response to a critic’s opinion.
  6. Theatre Notes : The twist on Allison’s blog is her location: Melbourne, Australia. She is a writer who doubles as a critic. You can get a review list, or learn more about her life married to playwright Daniel Keene.
  7. The SF Bay Area Theater Blog : Elisa blogs about theater in San Francisco. A special focus is given to the 42nd Street Moon Theater and its productions. She recently reviewed an iPad app for theater lovers.
  8. The A.V. Club : The Onion isn’t exactly known for their truthfulness, but the satirical content is worth a daily visit. In this section, all the arts are featured, including an occasional theater post. Be sure not to miss The Hater with the best of the worst.
  9. Theater : If the above aren’t enough for you, click here. It is the exclusive theater section of “The New York Times.” Are cent article is on Zach Braff’s newest Shakespearian role.

Best Blogs for Broadway Enthusiasts

The below blogs are specifically devoted towards Broadway.

  1. Broadway World : The hot topics of the day are always changing on this blog, so be sure to stop by often. They also have a group of individuals with entries on recommendations, actors, musings, and more. Visit the message boards to get even more.
  2. Broadway Bullet : Broadway, Off-Broadway, and beyond are the topics here. Choose from interviews, news, reviews, and more. There are also videos with even more.
  3. All That Chat : Get several updates a day on this blog. Chat is contributed by several writers and readers and comes regularly. There are also sections for the West Coast, shopping, and more.
  4. Blogway Baby : Get a daily theater fix here. The latest post was on a new composer and his works. You can also get resources for viewing a show.
  5. Broadway Girl NYC : A fan’s perspective on all things theatre in New York City and beyond are featured here. This includes Broadway, Off-Broadway, Off-Off Broadway show reviews, actor sightings, and more. A recent post was on Mitch Jarvis.
  6. Steve on Broadway : Also known as SOB, he is involved with politics and public relations. He also loves theater, good or bad, and writes all about it here. With an average of 70 shows per year, he really means it.
  7. The Broadway Critic : If you thought Broadway was exclusive to New York, think again. This critic writes from San Francisco where local, national, and international theater is looked at. You can also get local reviews and information on auditions.
  8. Broadway Musical Blog : Choose from award winners, recordings, coming soon, and many other sections on the blog. News and gossip are also a regular feature. A recent entry was on President Obama’s recent visit to Broadway.
  9. Broadway and Me : This theater lover is not happy unless watching or writing about theater. A fact which is made clear by the regular thoughts and entries. Even a recent vacation can’t stop the blog entries.
  10. Broadway Cares : This non-profit organization uses Broadway to raise donations for charitable causes. The news feed has the latest happenings. You can also learn more about upcoming events or how you can get involved.

Best Blogs for Theater Enthusiasts for Actor’s

The spotlight is turned toward these theater blogs for and by actors.

  1. Backstage : Stop here for a blog that is a virtual actor’s resource. Casting, advice, news, features, and more are distinct features of the blog. You can choose which side of the country to get your news from, or just enjoy it all.
  2. Backstage Unscripted : Getting actors in their unfiltered environment is the subject of this blog. Categories range from Angela Sauer to Touring the Far East. A recent entry was on the “too serious actress”.
  3. Blog Stage : Buzz on the biz for actors is featured here. Sections include Actor’s Life, Audition, Dance, and much more. Many well-known and newer stars are featured.
  4. Austin Actress : Jennymarie Jemison is an actress in Austin, Texas who used to be a graphic designer at Rockstar Games in New York City. After some soul searching, she decided to pursue a career in acting and chronicles it here. She was even in a movie recently and tells all about it.
  5. Jane Fonda : With appearances both on and off the stage, Jane has been a topic of conversation for decades. Read what she is up to, what she is seeing, and more on her blog. Activism is also discussed.
  6. The Ensemble : This is the blog of a Chicago based theater company. Many of its actors have gone on to star on the big screen, small screen, and stage. Stop by to read the entries of the latest cast.
  7. Drama Queen : Wendy Rosenfield covers drama both onstage and off. A theater critic for the “Philadelphia Inquirer,” she has lots to say. The politics of theater are often blogged about.
  8. Hollywood Actor Prep : You don’t have to be a film or television actor to enjoy this blog. Dana is an experienced actor working on both coasts and has loads of insider tips. She also brings tips from other actors.
  9. On Stage Lighting : What would an actor be without the spotlight? This blog is dedicated to information about the world of stage, theatre, and event lighting. A useful resource to help those new to lighting and hoping to gain more knowledge of the subject in theater.
  10. Penny Plain, Twopence Colored : How do you star in every role in theater? Toy theater. Learn more about what it is from Trish Short Lewis, who is also a librarian in training.

Best Podcasts for Theater Enthusiasts

Because theater is spoken, not read, check out these podcasts.

  1. Playbill Radio : Seth Rudetsky’s Onstage & Backstage is often an entry in these podcasts. A week in the life of an actor, writer, music director, are all discussed. With weekly episodes, be sure not to miss out.
  2. Career Guides : Created in partnership with the New York Public Library, the Guides to Careers in the Theatre are a series of one-on-one video interviews with the theatre’s leading artists and professionals. Each explains each specific discipline in the theatre and what it takes to pursue that specialty and make a career in the theatre. Although they were taped years ago, they are required viewing for theater enthusiasts.
  3. Working in the Theatre : In another entry from the American Theatre Wing, these podcasts deal with those who actually work on or offstage. Recent episodes were on encores, veterans, musical theater, and much more.
  4. Talk Theatre in Chicago Podcast : You don’t have to live in the Windy City to enjoy this theater podcast. Every Monday they have interviews with professionals, reviews, and more. You can also learn more about what to see while you’re in town.
  5. Reduced Shakespeare Company : A three man touring company takes long serious subjects and turns them into short comedies. Read about their latest appearance, check out an episode, or read their latest news. With a tagline of “reducing expectations since 1981,” they deserve a look.
  6. Radio Drama Revival : It’s how our parents and grandparents experienced drama. Get a throwback to the days when radio was the main source of entertainment here. It features the best of contemporary audio drama and much more.

Even if you’ve never been to a theater show before, you are sure to find at least one to pique your interest in the above 50 best blogs for theater enthusiasts. With loads more out there, try and find the one for the local theater or a theater blog in the city you wish to visit on your next vacation.

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