“You’re creating a site… why exactly?

“I am a Phoenix.” You’ve seen the billboards, now meet the man… Mark Davies.

I started onlinemastersdegree.org in 2010 as a online resource after people continually asked me about what my experience with attending an online college for obtaining my masters degree was actually like. A lot was positive, some not so much, but I found people were so intrigued with talking to someone who had actually gone through the process of selecting and attending an online masters program that I would create this website.

“And What Are You Trying to Accomplish?

This site is very much a continuing work, but it aims to be an informative and unbiased resource that prospective masters degree students can use to learn about their options when it comes to online masters degree programs and have a greater ability to make the right choice for them.

“Well I’ve got some ideas for you!

I’m trying to get the word about about the site, and so far, I’ve gotten a bit of positive feedback which has been helpful in giving me ideas for future growth, so I encourage you, if you have any comments – positive or negative – to email me at: info-at-onlinemastersdegree-dot-org.