50 Best Blogs for Theater Enthusiasts

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Whether you know and love it as “theater” or “theatre,” the art of performances on stage stretches all the way back to the days of the Greeks. From the days of men playing women to state of the art sound systems, the technology and basic rules may have changed but the spirit of the theater remains the same, as is the spirit of those who love it.

No matter if you love it from the seat, the spotlight, or behind the stage, you are sure to find loads of news, information, gossip, and much more on the below 50 best blogs for theater enthusiasts. They can help you pick out a show, read an opposing viewpoint, or just make you feel as if you shared in their experience.

Best Blogs for Theater Enthusiasts by a Group

Two or more theater lovers gather on these blogs.

  1. Theatermania : This is the blog for theater everywhere. Latest news and reviews can be found by the stage load on the front page. You can also find discount tickets, trivia, and tons to keep you occupied.
  2. Wing Blog : The American Theatre Wing is the founder of the Tony Awards. They also have programs for theater enthusiasts in addition to an expert blog. Be sure to check out Theater References with more.
  3. Theatre Blog : The experts at “The Guardian” gather here to discuss theater. An excellent choice for theater enthusiasts for and from across the pond. Current hot topics include Ann Boleyn and arrogance in theater.
  4. About Last Night : This is a blog about the arts in New York City and the rest of America. Written by Terry Teachout, Laura Demanski, and Carrie Frye, the first is a drama critic for “The Wall Street Journal.” They not only feature the best of the stage, but also page and music as well. See what they recommend all across the country here.
  5. Play Blog : Visit here for a blog by the staff of Playbill.com. Various writers stop in to post about their favorite subject. You can also choose from many other sections on news, listings, castings, jobs, and more.
  6. Theater Loop : Chris Jones and “The Chicago Tribune” weigh in on theater happenings here. News, criticism, and even the occasional bit of juicy gossip is featured. The occasional commentary is also featured.
  7. Upstaged : The world of theater is edited by David Cote here. Part of Time Out NY, features include a theater news roundup, breakout actors, casting, and more. There are also many other art related blogs.
  8. NY Theatre : Read the newest reviews on the right hand column including many well and lesser known entries. The blog also has theater information, listings, and reviews.

Best Blogs for Theater Enthusiasts from Someone Behind the Curtains

These theater professionals operate behind the scenes.

  1. Inside Track : “Playbill” magazine editor Blake Ross is the author of this blog. “The Week Ahead” is often a topic of blog entries, where he explores the newest in comings and goings. Off topic posts are also occasionally included.
  2. Brian Dickie : He is the general director of the Chicago Opera Theater. Daily life and theater happenings are often the topic of posts. You can also get an expert behind the scenes look at a major theater with just a visit.
  3. The Playgoer : Stop here for “the musings of a dramaturg without the portfolio.” This blogger frequents playhouses and dramatic performances and often writes about them. Musings on the business, the politics of the business, and more are discussed.
  4. The Next Stage : Simon is a founding member and writer-in-residence of Lyric Stage Project. He has been producing, directing, and acting in independent stage productions for a while now and is a huge theater enthusiast. Be sure not to miss The Art of the Business or The Interview Series with loads more.
  5. Butts in the Seats : The blog is authored by the theater manager of a presenting venue. With a graduate degree in theater management, experience spans LORT, Shakespeare, and even professor. Visit for musings on practical solutions for art management.
  6. 99 Seats : Get rants, raves, rage, and righteous theater thought all in one place here. A formerly anonymous playwright stops to blog about life both inside and outside of the theater. One of the latest entries was on an occupational hazard.
  7. Kul : Aaron Riccio is a creative writer, critic, and editor. He has no trouble sharing his opinions on theater via the blog. Many topics include a “short-a-day” usually on a story he likes.

Best Blogs for Theater Enthusiasts With a Twist

These blogs work in other topics in addition to theater.

  1. Createquity : This is a unique virtual think tank exploring the intersection of the arts with a wide range of topics including politics, economics, philanthropy, leadership, research, and urban planning. Ian David Moss is the founder and began this blog while studying at the Yale School of Management. Popular posts include “Generation Y and the Problem of Entitlement” and “Economics Myths.”
  2. Arts Beat : Get “the culture at large” in this blog. Written by “The New York Times,” they are devoted to culture news and reviews. It features breaking stories in theater, as well as literature, important figures, and more on the arts.
  3. The Wicket Twist : Rob Weinert-Kendt is an editor at “American Theater Magazine.” Get your theater fix with a dash of news here. Travels, recommendations, and music are all included.
  4. Parabasis : The blog began in 2003 as a way for Isaac Butler to express his love of theater. It has now grown into a much beloved and top theater blog. Politics of theater are often mused on, along with the latest happenings.
  5. Jersey Boys Blog : If you enjoy this play, you will enjoy the blog dedicated to it. The blogger also focuses on the music of Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons. A recent entry was a response to a critic’s opinion.
  6. Theatre Notes : The twist on Allison’s blog is her location: Melbourne, Australia. She is a writer who doubles as a critic. You can get a review list, or learn more about her life married to playwright Daniel Keene.
  7. The SF Bay Area Theater Blog : Elisa blogs about theater in San Francisco. A special focus is given to the 42nd Street Moon Theater and its productions. She recently reviewed an iPad app for theater lovers.
  8. The A.V. Club : The Onion isn’t exactly known for their truthfulness, but the satirical content is worth a daily visit. In this section, all the arts are featured, including an occasional theater post. Be sure not to miss The Hater with the best of the worst.
  9. Theater : If the above aren’t enough for you, click here. It is the exclusive theater section of “The New York Times.” Are cent article is on Zach Braff’s newest Shakespearian role.

Best Blogs for Broadway Enthusiasts

The below blogs are specifically devoted towards Broadway.

  1. Broadway World : The hot topics of the day are always changing on this blog, so be sure to stop by often. They also have a group of individuals with entries on recommendations, actors, musings, and more. Visit the message boards to get even more.
  2. Broadway Bullet : Broadway, Off-Broadway, and beyond are the topics here. Choose from interviews, news, reviews, and more. There are also videos with even more.
  3. All That Chat : Get several updates a day on this blog. Chat is contributed by several writers and readers and comes regularly. There are also sections for the West Coast, shopping, and more.
  4. Blogway Baby : Get a daily theater fix here. The latest post was on a new composer and his works. You can also get resources for viewing a show.
  5. Broadway Girl NYC : A fan’s perspective on all things theatre in New York City and beyond are featured here. This includes Broadway, Off-Broadway, Off-Off Broadway show reviews, actor sightings, and more. A recent post was on Mitch Jarvis.
  6. Steve on Broadway : Also known as SOB, he is involved with politics and public relations. He also loves theater, good or bad, and writes all about it here. With an average of 70 shows per year, he really means it.
  7. The Broadway Critic : If you thought Broadway was exclusive to New York, think again. This critic writes from San Francisco where local, national, and international theater is looked at. You can also get local reviews and information on auditions.
  8. Broadway Musical Blog : Choose from award winners, recordings, coming soon, and many other sections on the blog. News and gossip are also a regular feature. A recent entry was on President Obama’s recent visit to Broadway.
  9. Broadway and Me : This theater lover is not happy unless watching or writing about theater. A fact which is made clear by the regular thoughts and entries. Even a recent vacation can’t stop the blog entries.
  10. Broadway Cares : This non-profit organization uses Broadway to raise donations for charitable causes. The news feed has the latest happenings. You can also learn more about upcoming events or how you can get involved.

Best Blogs for Theater Enthusiasts for Actor’s

The spotlight is turned toward these theater blogs for and by actors.

  1. Backstage : Stop here for a blog that is a virtual actor’s resource. Casting, advice, news, features, and more are distinct features of the blog. You can choose which side of the country to get your news from, or just enjoy it all.
  2. Backstage Unscripted : Getting actors in their unfiltered environment is the subject of this blog. Categories range from Angela Sauer to Touring the Far East. A recent entry was on the “too serious actress”.
  3. Blog Stage : Buzz on the biz for actors is featured here. Sections include Actor’s Life, Audition, Dance, and much more. Many well-known and newer stars are featured.
  4. Austin Actress : Jennymarie Jemison is an actress in Austin, Texas who used to be a graphic designer at Rockstar Games in New York City. After some soul searching, she decided to pursue a career in acting and chronicles it here. She was even in a movie recently and tells all about it.
  5. Jane Fonda : With appearances both on and off the stage, Jane has been a topic of conversation for decades. Read what she is up to, what she is seeing, and more on her blog. Activism is also discussed.
  6. The Ensemble : This is the blog of a Chicago based theater company. Many of its actors have gone on to star on the big screen, small screen, and stage. Stop by to read the entries of the latest cast.
  7. Drama Queen : Wendy Rosenfield covers drama both onstage and off. A theater critic for the “Philadelphia Inquirer,” she has lots to say. The politics of theater are often blogged about.
  8. Hollywood Actor Prep : You don’t have to be a film or television actor to enjoy this blog. Dana is an experienced actor working on both coasts and has loads of insider tips. She also brings tips from other actors.
  9. On Stage Lighting : What would an actor be without the spotlight? This blog is dedicated to information about the world of stage, theatre, and event lighting. A useful resource to help those new to lighting and hoping to gain more knowledge of the subject in theater.
  10. Penny Plain, Twopence Colored : How do you star in every role in theater? Toy theater. Learn more about what it is from Trish Short Lewis, who is also a librarian in training.

Best Podcasts for Theater Enthusiasts

Because theater is spoken, not read, check out these podcasts.

  1. Playbill Radio : Seth Rudetsky’s Onstage & Backstage is often an entry in these podcasts. A week in the life of an actor, writer, music director, are all discussed. With weekly episodes, be sure not to miss out.
  2. Career Guides : Created in partnership with the New York Public Library, the Guides to Careers in the Theatre are a series of one-on-one video interviews with the theatre’s leading artists and professionals. Each explains each specific discipline in the theatre and what it takes to pursue that specialty and make a career in the theatre. Although they were taped years ago, they are required viewing for theater enthusiasts.
  3. Working in the Theatre : In another entry from the American Theatre Wing, these podcasts deal with those who actually work on or offstage. Recent episodes were on encores, veterans, musical theater, and much more.
  4. Talk Theatre in Chicago Podcast : You don’t have to live in the Windy City to enjoy this theater podcast. Every Monday they have interviews with professionals, reviews, and more. You can also learn more about what to see while you’re in town.
  5. Reduced Shakespeare Company : A three man touring company takes long serious subjects and turns them into short comedies. Read about their latest appearance, check out an episode, or read their latest news. With a tagline of “reducing expectations since 1981,” they deserve a look.
  6. Radio Drama Revival : It’s how our parents and grandparents experienced drama. Get a throwback to the days when radio was the main source of entertainment here. It features the best of contemporary audio drama and much more.

Even if you’ve never been to a theater show before, you are sure to find at least one to pique your interest in the above 50 best blogs for theater enthusiasts. With loads more out there, try and find the one for the local theater or a theater blog in the city you wish to visit on your next vacation.