40 Must-Read Forums for Grad Students

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Those who have just survived four years of college and are now in the process of signing up for another degree in a graduate school may think that the worst is behind them. However, with stricter admissions guidelines, a more demanding curriculum, and far higher price tag, those entering the world of the graduate student may find themselves in over their heads right from the selection process.

To help connect you with others who have been where you are going, check out the below 40 must read forums for grad students. They have advice on everything from picking a school to paying for it and even a few options just for students in a specific area of graduate study.

Must-Read General Forums for Grad Students

The forums for graduate students cover it all.

  1. Graduate Junction
    This is one the largest postgraduate communities on the web. You can find and connect with others within your field of study or who share your research interests. There are also specialty offerings such as a poster competition, communities within the community, and loads of forums.
  2. Chronicle Forums
    These forums are provided by “The Chronicle of Higher Education.” A leader in publication for education, they have a forum specifically for life as a grad school student. Just a few of the most recent discussions include dissertations, getting a B, and online vs. on campus classes.
  3. The Grad Cafe
    The tagline at this forum is “something is always brewing.” They have information for graduate students on everything from location to applications. You can even check their database of over 138,000 entries to see grad school admission results.
  4. Post Grad Forum
    This forum aims to bring together students, post-docs, and lecturers to discuss any issues relating to postgraduate study. There are options for PhD students, master’s students, and even the post-doctoral. You can also check out the top ten users and posts.
  5. Grad School Forum
    Admissions, dissertations, and much more are discussed in an open and comfortable environment on this forum. The archives include other grad school topics such as taking the GRF and the Ivy League. One of the most recent threads asked to rate grad school applications.
  6. Graduate Student Jobs Forum
    Because it’s all about the jobs, click here. This is a forum by Indeed containing discussions for grad students on company culture, how to get a job, salaries, and more. You can also use the main site when ready to look for a job.
  7. About Graduate School
    Visit here for the official forums for grad school students by About.com. Tara Kuther is a Professor of Psychology at Western Connecticut State University and has written many books on professional development for students. In addition to the forum, you can check out her blog with information on topics such as exam prep and what you should do before writing an admissions essay.
  8. College Confidential
    Students at all levels of the collegiate experience can stop here, including graduate. Topics include choosing a college, getting into the college you want, how to pay for it, and much more. In addition to a forum just for grad students, there are also choices for parents and financial aid.
  9. Admissions Boards
    Because you can’t be a grad student until you get in, check out this forum. It pertains to all things college and admissions. Grad school topics include the GRE, rankings, and more.
  10. Student Forum Online
    You must register at these forums before viewing or participating in any discussions. However, you can sign up for their newsletter and even check out their most recent article. The most current is on chronic illness.

Must-Read Specialty Forums for Grad Students

These forums focus on a specific kind of grad school student.

  1. Web Greek
    Are you a grad student and member of a fraternity or sorority? Then check out this site especially for you. Webgreek offers management clouds with the options to communicate with other members, schedule meetings, vote, and even collect money.
  2. International Student Forum
    Because grad school has enough problems without having to adjust to a new country, click here. It can help you ask and have many questions answered on student life in the United States. Immigration issues, financial aid, insurance, and other topics are discussed.
  3. National Black Graduate Student Association
    If you are an African American graduate student, check out the NBGSA. The website has information on members and chapters across the nation, as well as information on how you can become one. There is also a site for alumni.
  4. Intervarsity
    This is a group for those studying Christian fellowship in the United States. Check out their most recent news or find a chapter in your area. They also have a blog and tips for choosing a college in your area.
  5. Jewish Grad Student Network
    This graduate student network offers a wide range of social, educational, cultural, and religious programs, as well as career development and community service opportunities. Part of the Hillel of Greater Philadelphia, they focus on students in the area. You can also visit to see other programs in the area.
  6. LGSN
    This is the official site of the The Lambda Graduate Student Network. They are a community of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender graduate students, faculty, staff, and alumni at the University of California, Los Angeles. Visit to learn more, or check out for ideas on how to set up your own similar group at your university.
  7. H-Grad
    Graduate students studying the humanities will be interested in this site. Hosted by Michigan State University they provide a safe, student-only forum for discussing issues related to graduate school in humanities-based professions. Other resources include getting into grad school, tips for current students, and teaching.
  8. Hispanic Scholarship Fund
    If you are a Hispanic graduate student, stop here. This organization specializes in providing scholarships to both graduate and undergraduate students. You can also find a chapter in your area and more scholarship information.
  9. B School Forum
    Discuss business grad schools with the help of this forum from Bloomberg. Both experts and students give advice here. Be sure not to miss the main site with much more for business school grad students.
  10. Student Doctor Network Forums
    If medical school is part of your graduate school present or future, stop here. Student doctors visit to post and ask all about the medical school experience. Specialties, exams, and much more are all discussed.

Must-Read College Forums for Grad Students

These forums discuss all aspects of higher education.

  1. College Life
    About.com returns with another forum specifically intended for those experiencing or about to experience the college life. Kelci Lynn is the college life guide and offers must reads such as “Ultimate College Packing List” and “What to do if You Failed a Class.” Recent topics include roommate discussions and even an MTV casting call.
  2. The Student Center
    This forum is part of Student.com and has advice on things such as depression, debates, and even a BS forum. They also offer blogs, games, advice, quizzes, listings, and more.
  3. My Next College
    Get college reviews by students on this forum. You can use it to look up prospective and even current schools. There is also help with cheap textbooks and distance education.
  4. College to Careers
    Learn more about the tricky transition from college to a career on this forum. Sections include admissions, financial aid, and even the odds of getting in, and more. There are also career development forums such as resumes, internships, and other topics.
  5. College NET
    Search for forums by topics from arts to technology here. Other popular tags include books, career, and money. Some of the current topics are on underage drinking and if age matters in dating.
  6. The Forum Site
    This site specializes in many forums for many different people. This particular one is all about college life. Recent threads are on college while raising a child and the FAFSA.
  7. Fan Bolt
    These forums are for fans of everything from the latest publication to blockbuster movies. However, there is a special section just for school and college life. Current topics are on least favorite subject and just graduated.
  8. Health and Education
    Want to discuss the politics surrounding education? Then stop here at this forum from Politics Forum which focuses on that, along with healthcare. There are also many other forums for political topics to be found on the main page.
  9. College Forum
    Listings here are done by most recent. It can get you random questions such as colleges that don’t give grades and student misconduct. You can also search posts by tag.
  10. College Forum
    Although the forums could use some recent discussions, you can still visit to read all about college topics. They include research, selection, Ivy League, and more. The main site also has blogs and articles relating to college.

Other Must-Read Forums for Grad Students

These forums deal with the other rarely discussed aspects of grad school.

  1. QLC Message Boards
    The Quarter Life Crisis is a term often associated with those in their mid 20’s who struggle to find their way. Predictably, they have a forum just for those in grad school. Current topics include choosing a degree, MBA vs. CMA, and even why one student hates their grad school.
  2. PhinisheD
    If you are a PhD in need of help finishing a project, this is the forum for you. It is a place to find advice and support as you struggle with your dissertation or thesis and as you navigate the stormy seas of academia. Although many discussions are archived, they are a useful tool to help guide you through grad school.
  3. Library Thing
    Although this site is more commonly associated with libraries, you can also get a special group for graduate school. Check out both new and archived topics in addition to taking advantage of the main site.
  4. GRE
    Much like the SAT, the GRE is an important part of getting into graduate school. To get a forum specifically for the test, stop here at Urch. Sub-forums include the math, verbal, and AWA parts of the exam.
  5. Preparation Forum for the GRE
    Similar to the above, this forum is all about the GRE. However, it is hosted by English Test, which helps those who speak English as a second language. You can also find other similar forums here.
  6. SAT Test
    If you need to retake the SAT for grad school or even take it for the first time, stop here. ProProfs has a special forum just for the SAT exam, complete with what it is and information on the sub-sections of the test. The main site also has more study tools.
  7. SAT Test Forum and Information
    Stop here for another forum on the SAT. Not as regularly updated, it still has some discussions on the exam. Subjects included are on registration, online study guides, scores, and even the experience.
  8. GMAT Club
    If you are a business school grad student, the GMAT may have come up. Stop by this form to learn more about it and hear student’s experiences with it. There are also options for self prep and much more.
  9. Top MBA
    One of the most sought after graduate degrees, learn all about the Master of Business Administration here. Scholarships, rankings, and more are all featured.
  10. Law School Discussion
    Learn all about how grad students become lawyers in this forum. Sections include deciding where to go, applying for, and even the Law School Admissions Test. Nine years and counting of discussions have been happening here.

And the above top 40 must read forums for grad students is just a starting point for a graduate education. The admissions and counseling offices of any future or current schools can also offer you loads of individualized information from where to apply to how to pay for it all.