Earning your master degree has never been easier and with our list of schools providing online programs for master degrees, continuing your education is just a click away. Online master programs, like their campus counterparts, can be complete in two years after enrollment. These schools are accredited and have financial aid available for students who qualify.

Walden University Accounting Psychology Business Admin Education Nursing Public Health Walden University – Walden is one of the largest and top educators in the nation with several Masters degrees offered. The online programs are a fast, convenient way to obtain a Masters degree as you can complete them in under to years and coursework can be worked on and turned in from any computer or laptop. These degrees are designed for students wanting to become Accountants, Psychologists, Business Administrators, high level Educators, Nurse Management, or seek Public Health leadership positions.
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Ashford University Education Culturally Responsive Education Curriculum & Instruction Early Childhood Education Child Development Finance Public Administration Organizational Management Education and Public Policy Ashford University – Ashford University provides online, accredited master degree programs to students looking to further their careers. These degrees use the latest technology and methods is the course curriculum and assignments, giving students practical skills they can apply to real-world situations. Student can expect to fulfill roles in public administration; organization management; various education positions including curriculum and instruction, early childhood education, and culturally responsive education; and finance.
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Liberty University General Education Math Reading Nursing Pastoral Counseling Marriage & Family Therapy School Counseling Professional Counseling Accounting Liberty University – The respected Liberty University, one of the nation's largest educators, provides a wide-range of accredited online masters degree programs. These programs combine industry-driven curriculum and engaging exercises through a convenient medium. Each course can be completed on a timeline that fits your schedule. These degrees are designed for students who want to teach or specialize in math or reading; those who want to further their career in nursing or accounting, or students who want to enter marriage & family therapy.
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University of Phoenix Middle Level General Education Early Childhood Education Psychology Nursing Health Administration Healthcare Education Health Care Management Public Administration Accounting University of Phoenix – The University of Phoenix is a nation-wide leader and one of the top providers of higher education. Their programs are accredited and designed to be completed at a pace that’s comfortable to you. Phoenix offers a variety of masters degrees, including Middle Level General Education, Psychology, Health Administration, Public Administration, and Accounting.
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Northcentral University Criminal Justice Business Admin Marketing Curriculum & Teaching Psychology Northcentral University – Northcentral University is a highly-regarded educator that provides fast-paced, accredited programs through online courses. These degrees can be completed at a pace that is comfortable to you and in an environment of your choosing. Students will be able to obtain Masters degrees in under two years in the subjects of Criminal Justice, Business Administration, Marketing, Curriculum and Teaching, and Psychology.
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Kaplan University Public Health Epidemiology Health Education Education Student Affairs Psychology Nursing Finance Governmental Management Public Administration Accounting Kaplan University – Kaplan University offers a huge assortment of online master’s degrees. Being a leader in online education, these degrees are accredited and use industry-driven curriculum to help students be successful at fulfilling high demand positions. Students will be able to fill high level and lucrative positions like public health officials, various teaching positions in higher education or even student affairs, psychologists, many leadership positions in the nursing field, and public administrators.
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Boston University Art Education Boston University – Boston University allows students to focus on a specialized masters degree in Art Education. This degree is available online and at the campus, giving students more versatility in choosing the course type that best fits their needs. This degree is designed for students wanting to become Art Teachers at various levels of education. Student will gain the skills needed to successfully combine artistic elements into class curriculum.
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Benedictine University Business Administration Health Administration Finance Accounting Nursing Marketing Public Health Benedictine University – Benedictine University, a highly-regarded Christian College, works with students to ensure mental, professional, and spiritual growth. Several programs available at BU lead students down a path to careers in always expanding industries. BU has online programs available for a wide range of Masters degrees, including Business Administration, Health Administration, Finance, Accounting, Nursing, Marketing, and Public Health.
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What is a Campus or Online Masters Degree?

A master’s degree is the first graduate degree available to a student after he or she completes a bachelor’s degree. Depending on which bachelor’s degree you received, you would be eligible to receive a Master of Arts degree (M.A.), a Master of Science degree (M.S.), a Master of Education (M.Ed.), a Master of Information Management (M.I.S.), a Master of Public Information (M.P.I.) or a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) degree. There are many possibilities available to a student wishing to pursue a master’s degree online.

What skills and level of expertise do you learn in an online masters degree program?

When you set out to earn a master’s degree in your chosen career field, you can expect to learn the skills needed for your career in a more in-depth manner. Perhaps you got a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, but you want to specialize further and get a master’s degree in aerospace engineering because you want to design aircraft someday. Or maybe you received a Bachelor of Arts in political science or history and you want to improve your marketability in the workplace by getting an MBA. There are so many possibilities.

A master’s degree tells the world that you have truly become an expert in your subject area. For some students, a master’s degree is just one step on the way to the ultimate goal of earning a doctoral degree. This is necessary if you want a job in higher education, or if you wish to attend medical school.

What is an average salary for a person who received an online masters degree?

Some students find that the salary range for students who have a master’s degree is much more attractive than if they merely had a bachelor’s degree, so they decide to go straight through school and finish both degrees in a row. Other students realize after some time away from higher education that they would like to complete their master’s degree, but they aren’t sure if they can leave the workplace to go back and attend college.

This is where an online master’s degree can be very helpful. By offering a high quality master’s degree at a more affordable price, and by allowing you to take courses from your home, web-based colleges and universities are helping thousands of people like you reach their career goals.

What prerequisites exist before I can get a masters degree online?

The main prerequisite for getting a master’s degree online is having successfully earned a bachelor’s degree. You will need to prove this by providing copies of your official transcript. In addition, many master’s degree programs ask that you take the Graduate Record Exam, or GRE, and achieve a certain score before you can be accepted. This may require some study for those people who have not recently completed college.

How long does it take to get your masters degree online

You can expect that an online master’s degree will take some time to complete. Just as a regular master’s degree can take between 2 to 3 years to finish, depending on the course load, you can expect that an online master’s degree will take a commitment of time from you as well. Expect to set aside quality time every day for completing your assignments, and expect to be asked to do a lot of reading, writing, and thinking about your subject area.

If a college tries to tell you that their online master’s degree can be finished in one semester, you should be wary. Most master’s degrees are designed to be completed in 20 to 30 semester hours, which typically takes at least a year. Remember, you want to choose a college that is accredited by a reputable organization.

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